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Monday, July 30, 2012

The problem with the Olympics...

It's become too "celebriteased"... too much about winning and endorsement and excess. 

"It’s not the winning that matters, it’s the taking part."  - Wasn't that the old motto?


  1. Allow me to sound like an old prude, but those bikinis the volleyball team wears are just awful. It's clearly not about the game but about watching bouncing boobs and bobbling butts.

    1. I think so too. Sunday or Saturday they did a couple close-up crotch shots of Misty as she was serving. They are not fooling anyone.

  2. Actually, within limits, the women are allowed to choose what they want to wear, so the beach volley ball team could wear t-shirts and shorts. If it gets chilly enough in London they will definitely cover up. What's goofy is trying to make the women boxers wear skirts.

  3. "Adrienne writes : "It's clearly not about the game but about watching bouncing boobs and bobbling butts."

    Nonsense, we take in the whole babe, not just bouncing boobs and bobbling butts.

    Adorable babe Chris Evert changed the face of tennis not by her playing, but by her babe appeal.


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