Saturday, August 04, 2012

I'm online, and I can hear the Olympics on TV in the other room...

Family of Acrobats - Picasso  1905

The acrobats - is that what you call them?  Oh - gymnasts, I think.  Anyway - evidently some of the American girl gymnasts are being interviewed, but their voices are so little, and they are talking so fast, they sound like chipmunks to me.  Now some Russian circus trainers are speaking, I think.  I'm not into the Olympics the way I used to be. 


  1. re post above this one:

    "I've read comments on other sites where my name comes up and people have referred to Abbey Roads as "that horror of a blog"".

    What cracks me up is that these critics don't realize this isn't a blog at all, it's a public bar. They just don't 'get it'???


    1. I know! I'll order another round!

  2. Russian Circus Trainers? Hahahahaha!


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