Thursday, August 02, 2012

Getting high on bathsalts...

Drugs - more dangerous than ever.

The stories of crazed people chewing the face off of their victims, and others arming themselves against imaginary gangstas hiding beneath their house, along with news stories of others running naked through the streets terrorizing onlookers - most of these reports seem to be related to bath salts abuse.  Incredibly, adults who could probably get better drugs*, are even using this stuff. Not that ordinary drugs are safe: Many of the recent 'sudden, unexpected' deaths of celebrities and others have been attributed to prescription pain killer use.  Likewise, it may turn out that the shooter in the Colorado theater massacre numbed himself with Vicodin before committing the attack.  Drug abuse in this country is pretty insane.

It makes me wonder if the devil even has to bother with possession when drugs can do the work for him? 

I blame the perpetrators.

*Remember the Whitney interview with Diane Sawyer?  Houston corrected Sawyer insisting that she and Bobby never used tacky street drugs - that stuff is low-class.


  1. Bathsalts? I can't begin to imagine how...

  2. @parepidemos: "bath salts" -- these are not the thing you soak in while in the tub. They are synthesized amphetamines.

  3. Terry,

    I may be off base but I believe the devil and his minions definately have their hands in all of this perhaps not by possession but definately in influence/obsession.

    1. I do too of course, but human beings still have free will.


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