Monday, April 30, 2012

Where were you?

Where were you 2 years ago?  5 years ago?  10 Years ago?

Where were you in your conversion?  What were you doing?  What were you wearing?  What were you drinking?  Smoking?  Were you still screwing around?  Cussing?  Or were you a saint over night?

Did you come into the Church knowing everything?   Did you convert because someone wanted you to and only later discovered the truth?  Ask yourselves these types of questions - think about the stages of your conversion, your acceptance of Christ and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Then maybe give other people a break once in awhile.

Image:  Our Lady of Confidence


  1. I was an overnight saint which is why I was immediately drawn to this blog :)

  2. You were drawn to Catholicism, and you knew it.

  3. 2 years ago? reading Abbey Roads.
    5 years ago? reading Abbey Roads.
    10 years ago? Wishing there was Abbey Roads.

    As to the other questions - NOYDB!!

    Now give me a break, will ya? Stop bothering me.

    1. Up With People ring a bell?

    2. I can neither confirm nor deny any involvement, directly or indirectly, with Up With People.

  4. Earlier today when someone was talking about just how bad a liturgy was they went to for a relative's Confirmation, I had a flashback of sorts. I chuckled when I thought about the fact it was merely 7 years ago that I would have thought such things were cute.

    When I first started going to Assumption Grotto and was there for some months, there was a strange feeling whenever I would leave that bubble. For about the first two years I would get angry any time I would go back to the former parishes and see all the illicit stuff and clowning around. Then, one day at a funeral, I looked around and it struck me: Don't be angry, pray for them. With that, I prayed as still do today when in those situations: Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do. I then offer a prayer of reparation.

    I don't try to fight every battle because I'm one soldier in a very big war. I'm very heartened by the many young priests I see who are now better trained and anxious themselves to restore the vertical in worship. They are my hope, and inspiration. I think it's a matter of time. Where I think I can do good and bring others along, I try. But I won't argue with them because they are not equipped to understand my frustrations at their antics.

    I pitied a teenage altar boy one time who was very sloppy and irreverent in his mannerisms, laughing at something the organist did, glancing back at his dad who was giggling in the pew. At first, I was indignant that he could be so disrespectful. I wanted to go up there and slap him upside the head. Once again, peace of mind returned as I asked the Lord to forgive the lad; no one had taught him the right things.

    1. Good balanced advice Diane so true.

  5. 2 years ago...... working out my salvation in fear and trembling ie struggling not to be an idiot and complete fool.

    5 years ago..... working out my salvation in fear and trembling ie struggling to stay on the boat and in the light of Christ.

    10 years ago.....being a full fledged idiot and fool. feeling my way through the dark but not realizing it.


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