Thursday, May 03, 2012

Dan Savage: Just like "The 'B' in Apartment 23"...

It gets worse.

Sort of.

Have you ever watched that show?  The Bitch in Apt. 23?  No, I'm sure you haven't.  I mention it however because it's really pretty gay.  The writing, I mean.  The Bitch can be kind of a bully - or mean girl - a favorite character in Disney teen entertainment.  I realize  the main characters in this particular sit-com are women, but they act like nite-clubbing-gay-boyz I used to know.  Don't get mad because I said that - I'm not saying all gays act like that... insert my litany of exceptions... I'd rather not have to do that every time I write a post, BTW.  But that type of 'mean girl' behavior is used by some gay-kids... like Dan Savage of It Gets Better fame, for instance.

Before I get to Savage however, something should be said about family friendly programming on ABC - it is bad.  And getting worse.  I know, I know, good parents wouldn't think of letting their kids watch that stuff - no way, no how.  But there are a lot of parents out there who aren't as fortunate as my good Catholic readers.  Some may be in bad marriages, and of course, there are many single parents who probably outnumber those who read any Catholic blog, some of whom may have to be at work at that hour, or just drunk or high, or even in bed sleeping, because they have to get up early for work - while the kiddles watch the soft porn served up on prime time TV.  So if we don't watch, or decide to stop watching, there are young people and kids who do... it's part of that battle for your child's mind, you know, forget the occult.  Anyway - I thought I should mention it.  That's all.


So, Dan Savage.  He pretty much hates Christianity because it condemns homosexual acts.  He wants to use the anti-bully pulpit in order to have acceptance of homosexual behavior taught in the schools - so 'gay kids' aren't bullied.*  I know, I over-simplified that fact, forgive me.  But like the Bitch in Apt. 23, Savage wants it his way while he makes fun of, and bullies, Christian kids and their parents.  How mature, huh?  His excuse?  "Christianity belittles me, so I am going to go after you."  Kinda-sorta.

He's a nice man though... when he wants to be.  Because nice is important.
The National Scholastic Press Association and Journalism Education Association, who sponsored the “Journalism on the Edge” conference in Seattle, had invited Savage to talk to students about the power of social media as well the problem of bullying against gay young people.

Savage was one of two plenary keynote speakers at the April 13 national high school journalism conference.

“We can learn to ignore the bulls--t in the Bible about gay people – the same way we have learned to ignore the bulls--t in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstruation, about virginity, about masturbation,” Savage told students.

More than 100 teens walked out of the auditorium as he continued to mock the Bible. Savage then taunted those who left, calling them “pansy-a--ed.”
Like I said, how mature - not. 

Anyway, I have to agree with Bill Donohue's commentary on the story:
“Ironically, Savage’s bullying of Christian students was done in the name of protesting the bullying of homosexuals,” Donohue added. “When it comes to bullying, Savage has no peer.” - CNA
Mean Bitches.
Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy.
We are filled with contempt.
Indeed all too full is our soul with the scorn of the rich,
with the proud man's disdain.**
- Ps. 123

*I'm against it:  Bullying anyone.
** This section of Ps. 123 can work both ways, BTW.


  1. So if we don't watch, or decide to stop watching, there are young people and kids who do... it's part of that battle for your child's mind...

    yep. and a battle for their parent's minds as well ...

  2. Maybe we ought to go Baptist on their queer, effeminate asses.

    1. Yep - right after you break your sheep's legs. That's it Thom.

    2. Someone write that up and send it to "The Wanderer," stat.

    3. It's kind of like honor killings when you think about it.

    4. So "Taliban Catholic" is actually a very apt term to use. I think I'll resume.

  3. I see you picked up on my parenting style.

    1. St. Francis' dad parented pretty much the same way.

      My dad did too. He broke my brother's arms, but he spoiled me, he only broke fingers and toes.


  4. Moral objectivism leads to pissing contests. Without an altruistic perspective power replaces altruism and bullying is an expression of that power. It's ugly because it has to be. We who are not objective in our morality but rather believe in the greatest altruistic truth, the person of Jesus Christ, have to be vocal and critical of the Dan Savages of the world, in a moral, loving way of course.


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