Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mass Chat: Music Ministry Alive!

No kidding. 

Editor's note:  I think it has to be only a really very small minority of people online, representing a remnant of Catholics in segregated TLM parishes, and maybe a handful of ordinary Catholics in ordinary parishes who long for a more traditional liturgy and traditional music at Mass.  I think the majority - vast majority of Catholics, are Vatican II, Ordinary Form Catholics led by a faithful, Vatican II, vernacular speaking Pope, who celebrates the Ordinary Form of Mass, day in and day out - with perfect freedom BTW - in the Vatican (and wherever he goes), at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church.

Whew!  That was long.  It made sense, right? 

Anyway.  Having spewed all of that, one must conclude, there is still no accounting for taste in the American Catholic Church when it comes to music, even with a a new translation - which I have to admit is cumbersome, but that is another post.  Case in point, this announcement from my parish Sunday bulletin today, on the Glee-culture as it pertains to music ministries in the Catholic Church:
Music Ministry Alive!  Come be a part of the 14th Annual Summer Music Ministry Institute for Young Adults and Adult Leaders!  Music Ministry Alive! - Breathe Your Spirit Into us - Celebrating the 50 Year Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.  Led By David Haas, Special guest Bishop Remi De Roo, Vatican II Council Father... More info here.
Happy anniversary folks.


Hey kids!  Be sure and tell Grandma
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  1. well this old bachelor uncle seriously would love to see some chant re-introduced. why oh why does the well-meaning young man at our 7am Mass insist on playing interludes during every cotton-pickin' quiet time / preparation of the altar / collection / you name it. i know i know it's still the Mass and for that i am & will always be very grateful.

    still ....

  2. ...timely post, for me: I have stopped going to Mass. My anxiety level was going through the roof with the music: loud, intrusive, nerve-wracking (great word). I was left feeling drained, weepy, upset, and ready for a Black Bush. The last time, I just sat in the car, gave up, and drove home. I know; the very remedy is to go - offer it up - focus, focus on meaning, the priest - but being in a weakened state already, depressed, looking for work, et al - my ability to withstand it all is so low. I was aleady driving 10+ miles to this wonderful church, the cost of gas prohibits me from further travel. *sigh*. So, a question: are we the minority due to introversion, over-sensitivity - - ? or generalized liturgical angst. Lou

  3. Lou, I'm just not sure - but it certainly qualifies as liturgical abuse.

  4. @Lou - I understand exactly how you feel. Exactly! We shouldn't have to work so hard to stay focused at Mass. We left our parish when we realized bitching all the way home after Mass was a bit weird and not at all healthy.

    Terry - I think there are plenty of people who would like to see better music and liturgy. Thing is, they tend to keep quiet and just endure, which makes them way better than me.

    1. Adrienne, I agree that many people want improvements - which may be why many stay away. I choose to simply endure it where I am at. If they are sending the music director and youth to the conference I posted, they aren't open to improving the liturgy.

  5. We had Joseph Haydn's Missa de Sancti Joannis de Deo (Missa Brevis in B flat major), complete with strings for the ordinary of the Mass today. Ah the crosses we have to endure! :-) Takes me back to '75, 1775 that is! LOL. That's why I drive as far as I do to my parish.

    1. Isn't that special. ;) Just having fun.

  6. Maybe the new guy will improve the music.

  7. Oh dear, I would avoid that conference like the plague! Bishop Remi de Roo, that disastrous bishop, Enneagram master, and all-around heretic, is bad news. He's well-known online for being the "celebrant" (so to speak) of this:

    CTA Mass


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