“Whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, no place for the poor..." - Evangelii Gaudium

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What about them Grammy's, huh?


  1. Grammys, what a joke.

  2. Didn't watch 'em. I can't stand most of what passes for popular music anyway, so why tune in awards for it? Anyway, having a major star die the night before didn't hurt the profit margins.

    LOL, I made the same mistake...couldn't figure out what the Beatles and/or their song had to do with grandmothers. You posted late last night, so can chalk it up to being tired. For myself, I'm going with: I just woke up less than half an hour ago and my brain isn't in full gear yet. I knew my maternal grandmother. She died a few years ago. My paternal grandmother died when I was a baby. I was named after her. :)

  3. I watched the beginning and the end - Downton Abbey in between. Nicki Manaj was horrible and completely stupid.

  4. Red Wings hockey was on NBC Sports channel. After that, TV went off.

  5. Terry, I did the same thing. I was not expecting much as I don't listen to the radio anymore except the local jazz station and my CDs, but I really enjoyed that first hour. Very impressed LLCoolJ started with a Christian prayer for Whitney. Most in the audience had their heads bowed even. Of course, very few said "Amen" with LL after the prayer. Lady Gaga looked bored. Never heard of Adele but LOVE her voice. Wanted to hear her live but Downton Abbey was 2 hrs long.

    Can you believe Sybil ran away with the chauffeur? And Lord Grantham and the maid - OMGosh!

  6. I was watching Downton Abbey also.

    It is an excellent series.

    I found you can go to the PBS site for this series and see back episodes.


  7. Did you know Abp. Listecki is a Beatles fan??

  8. Badger - that is cool. Wisconsin has some very good bishops.


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