Saturday, February 18, 2012

Acts of the apostasy...

No, this isn't about the blog by that name, but the ELCA of Minnesota.

Or at least just one synod.  Yesterday Minneapolis area Lutherans voted against changing the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage - or rather, to define marriage as between one man and one woman.  The National ELCA already permits openly gay and lesbian pastors in committed relationships, so this comes as no surprise.  I'm not sure what their rules are concerning contraception and abortion, but I suspect they are pretty liberal on that issue as well - I could be wrong of course.

A former presiding bishop of the ELCA, Herbert W. Chilstrom once made the statement that the Catholic bishops of Minnesota are making a 'significant mistake' in promoting an amendment to safeguard traditional marriage.  Concerned about 'not offending' people seems to be key to the bishop's stand against the marriage amendment, reasoning:
"There are many gay and lesbian people who are in stable, long-term relationships, active in the church," he said. "I think that has moved me in the direction of saying I believe we need to respect these relationships, and we ought to accord them the same benefits we give to straight marriages." - Bishop Chilstrom 
Holy crap.

Link to the story:  Minneapolis-area Lutherans oppose marriage ammendment.

Editor's note: I may be mistaken, but I think local progressive Catholics would like to see the Catholic Church base itself on the ELCA synod of the baptized model.  I'm against it.

Photo:  Remember when the inverted Cross atop Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis dangled from the steeple on a Wednesday afternoon following a rare downtown twister as the ELCA Churchwide Assembly was in legislative session across the street at the Minneapolis Convention Center?  Story here.


  1. Reading Deut. 18:10 - 14 this morning, which includes the command that "there shall not be found among you anyone who interprets omens," recalled for me those who, in the wake of this natural occurrence, weighed in on what God was trying to get across.

  2. I wish this were Facebook so I could "like" your comment, moonshadow.

  3. "...recalled for me those who, in the wake of this natural occurrence, weighed in on what God was trying to get across...."

    So, Joseph's interpretations of the dreams, or omens, was Evil?

    The Holy Mother once promised no harm would come to Saint Mary's Kansas.


    A Tornado split in two at the city limits, went around Saint Mary's, then came together on the other side and continued it's destruction.

    We have Holy Mother Church to interpret things for us, and many times She approves of apparitions.

    If people have Chrisms, they should go to a Traditional Roman Catholic Priest and descern them with his help.

    I strongly recommend an SSPX Priest as they are properly formed in their Holy Ministry.


  4. No matter what I post, someone is going to find fault with it. I'm content to be wrong about everything. Thanks for reading though. ;)

  5. Oh, I know that feeling.


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