Monday, February 13, 2012

Michael Voris is old!

He looks pretty good though, huh.

So here I am this morning, minding everyone elses business and I come across an article on Michael Voris here, that led me to here, and I found out Michael is 50 years old.  I thought he was about 30 or something.  It's the hair.  I'm growing mine out. 

Yeah - that's all I got from the article...

Not really - but I did find out more about him than I knew before - and my respect for him deepens.
For much of his life, Michael Voris of Ferndale was a lukewarm Catholic, someone who usually just went through the motions at church.
But after the sudden death of his brother in 2003 from a heart attack and the death of his mother from stomach cancer the following year, the former TV reporter became a changed man.
"Her dying really kind of started to wake me up," Voris recalled. "You have to face mortality. And then the questions came pouring in: What is the meaning of life? Who are we as human beings? Is there life after death? Those are fundamental questions everyone has to look for."
Voris found those answers in the Catholic Church. - Detroit Free Press
[Ferndale - it sounds so Truman Show.]

Anyway - I really do think Voris is a good Catholic man.  May God bless him and his good work.


  1. Have you noticed that Father Z is starting to sound very much like MV??

  2. For being a secret priest, MV looks pretty good!

  3. Larry - it's true. He heard my confession. No lie!

  4. Terry - lucky you!

  5. I like that he just keeps on, keepin on.

    As someone mentioned, more and more people are taking "his tone" nowadays. It is ironic, or prophetic. But I didn't say that.

  6. Terry - big deal. He confirmed me. He just got promoted to bishop.

  7. Me, personally, I can do without that tone, whoever has it.

  8. Fr. Michael baptized all 4 of my babies--in the 1962 rite, of course.

  9. I don't know if I've posted this before, but Michael goes in depth about his brother & mother's death and his conversion in this talk he gave a couple years ago:

  10. Saw him in person in 2010 at a Right to Life dinner where he gave the main address. He looked his age. He didn't bring his menagerie so I cannot comment on the veracity of all that.


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