Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thoughts for the feast of St. Agnes.

  "For St. Agnes martyrdom meant agreeing to spend her young life, generously and freely, completely and without reserve, so that the Gospel could be announced as the truth and beauty which illuminates existence. ... In martyrdom Agnes also confirmed the other decisive element of her life: her virginity for Christ and the Church. Her path to the compete gift of self in martyrdom was, in fact, prepared by her informed, free and mature choice of virginity, testimony of her desire to belong entirely to Christ. ... While still young Agnes had learned that being a disciple of the Lord means loving Him, even at the cost of one's life". - Pope Benedict XVI on Priestly Life


  1. "so that the Gospel could be announced as the truth and beauty which illuminates existence. ... "

    I truly know and have truly experienced that truth and have tried to share it. Yet i am still failing, regarding alcohol. I need a rosary Terry [with an exorcism attached please]. Please. Sorry.

    i won't be in for work tonight, someone else will have to do my shift at the Abbey Roads bar. I may turn up, but not for work. Sorry. I even feel bad about my wranglings regarding Michae V. I still mean them anyway, though. What?

    I love you Terry Nelson. Thank you, for employing me. And not sacking me, even when I fail.

  2. I remember years ago (late 80s)when I lived in Minneapolis and frequented the Church of St Agnes in St Paul today was the patronal feast of the parish. I remember well that my experience there (St Agnes Church) was a "coming home" or better said a "finding home" for me to my Catholic heritage. I pray every day for its priests and parishioners and the repose of the soul of the beloved Monsignor Schuler. St Agnes pray for us!

  3. You're always in my prayers Shadowlands - don't despair - you'll pull through - you are a good lady. It takes time. My rosary and the time I spend keeping our Lady company today is for you - my whole day is for you.

    (Remember - don't use tylenol when you drink - seriously - very bad for the liver. Don't mix pain killers either - not that you do - but they are a very dangerous cocktail.)

    Much love and prayers,


  4. Servus - I too like St. Agnes very much. Happy feast day.

  5. Servus - I too like the saint and the parish in St. Paul.

  6. My life after St Agnes took some winding dead end roads through the desert but I count my time spent there as being a very grace-filled experience. If it weren't for St Agnes, I doubt I would have the deep and abiding faith I have today. Even though I lived for years as though I didn't. If all parishes and pastors had had the wisdom & foresight of Monsignor Schuler, I don't believe we would be in the mess we are today. My experience at St Agnes is always what I wished for in my childhood of the early 70s. A happy feast day to you all.

  7. Monsignor did a great service for the Church - he kept the door wide open to all comers and all those who loved the Church and Her traditions. He correctly interpretted the reforms of Vatican II - celebrated the Novus Ordo with dignity and devotion. Likewise he spread devotion to Our lady of Perpetual Help, maintained the 40 Hours devotion, provided ample opportuniy for the Sacrament of penance, guaranteed the best spirituality in his preachers, and ensured a solid Catholic education for the families in his parish through the excellence of his school - no small accomplishment, to be sure. And of course, he also fostered many solid vocations to the priesthood and religious life. He was quite an extraordinary priest.

    The tradition lives on with Fr. Ubel.

  8. Yes, Monsignor Schuler was quite extraordinary! I'm happy to hear that this tradition lives on. I remember fondly the quiet Saturday morning Masses in the chapel below the main church. I used to make the first Saturday devotions there and make a monthly pilgrimage to the Schoenstatt Shrine in Sleepy Eye. If you are unfamiliar with it you should definately make a trip there. It's a drive but you can pray the rosary there and back a few times! I have a great devotion since then to Our Lady under this title. My parents a fews years back both had open heart surgery at the Mayo clinic and we stopped there at the Shrine in Sleepy Eye on the way back to Montana to make a thanksgiving rosary together.

  9. "...Yet i am still failing, regarding alcohol..."

    Ask God to reveal which souls you are suffering on behalf of; it could be Priests, Nuns, or someone that refuses to repent.

    Our Divine Master gives comfortable lives to mere mortals.

    He gives suffering to those He wants to be closest to Him in Heaven.

    When God tells you No, ask Him again and again.


  10. Thank you Pablo. I will do as you say. Ros.
    Thank you Terry. How I need prayers, tonight. sorry.

  11. Don't be sorry - you have my prayers and Our Lady's protection - and St. Joseph is already there.

  12. My trainwreck of a friend worked for Doctors as a Nurse and exchanged sex with them for drugs, drank massive amounts of vodka daily, then she went out on weekends to let loose.

    She had the DTs, and was lost as lost could be.

    One Saturday morning she awoke with her behind in the air, naked, and her nose in the carpet sniffing it thinking there was a line of cocaine in it.

    She begged God to take it from her, but he said "No".

    During the week, she really crashed and burned, and awoke the same way she did the previous Saturday morning, not knowing how she got there.

    She begged God again.


    She arose, a new creature, cured of alcohol and drug addiction, no need to chain smoke cigarettes, and no DTs.

    The Lord answered the prayers of someone unknown to her, and accepted the suffering of someone else on her behalf.

    When you think your prayers are not answered, remember my friend; she was cured by God's grace and mercy through the prayers of someone unknown.

    Could it have been yours?

    God accepted someone's suffering on her behalf.

    Was it yours?

    Blessed be God in all His Angels and all His Saints.



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