Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some personal thoughts on a cold day...

For the most part, reading - good reading - is far more important than writing.  Likewise, thinking - meditation - is far more important than speaking - which is one reason why they say silence is golden.

I think there are very few real contemplatives outside of monasteries and hermitages.  That said, I do think there may be  many, many, spiritual/religious/devout/prayerful people who have experienced contemplative graces.  Some of these good people have from time to time believed themselves to be contemplatives already, because of a particular signal grace, or the delight they find in spiritual things.  Presumption is sly as a fox. 

What does that mean?  Many of us can mistake our so-called spiritual insights to be important.

One cannot turn straw into gold.

That's all.


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    This morning at Mass I was thinking of the gift of contemplation, and of my upcoming retreat at a trappist abbey where I hope to enter more fully into prayer.
    I was thinking that it is almost impossible to have a contemplative prayer life while in the noise of the world.
    I wish I could become a hermit, and I always pray that that would be God's will for me, but so far it has not been.

  2. I question anyone that says, "I'm a contemplative." Smacks of someone saying, "oh I'm so humble." I don't get it.

  3. With all humility I want to suggest the spiritual insights share on my blog luminousmiseries and the least of anyone's on the enter Internet. They are unworthy chaff and should be avoided here

  4. I further want to share[d] that typeos [are] keep me humbler still


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