Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Digging up the past.

She's gonna blow!

Marianne Gingrich is out to destroy Newt - she's going to spill the beans - and some people are pissed.

I don't care.   

Did you know that Lawrence Welk was a wife beater? - in other words - he beat up his wife.  What?  I wanted to make it clear that readers understood that he beat up his wife and not just random wives in the audience, so I said the same thing twice.  What?* 

How do I know?  Well, my mother always told us that as she and my dad danced together in our living room, to the music of the Champagne Orchestra on the Lawrence Welk Show, while it aired each Saturday night. 

Here's a curious factoid:  At the time, few people knew Mamie Eisenhower was an alcoholic - or so I was told later, by an actor who played her in an underground film titled, "Tricia's Wedding".  Mrs. Eisenhower was never glamorous - so I don't think anyone really cared.*

This post has nothing to do with anything.


I cannot find any verification regarding Mr. Welk's treatment of his wife.  As noted, it is just something my mother frequently repeated - she probably read it in a magazine.  From all accounts, Welk was a virtuous man devoted to his family and his faith. 

Likewise, the rumors about Mrs. Eisenhower are false.  Mamie suffered from Meniere's Disease, a disorder of the inner ear. It caused her to suffer bouts of severe dizziness that caused her to stumble at times. This resulted in false rumors that she was an alcoholic based on her public stumbling.

As it turns out, this post is indeed about something and is quite significant, especially as it concerns tale bearing and repeating unsubstantiated rumors.  Mea culpa.


  1. Well, we will see.

    If Romney is the nominee I might not even vote.

  2. I believe if Newt is the nominee, the election will be handed to Obama. I know we are all sinners, but 3 marriages? Two from extramarital affairs? It's just so gross or should I say, gauche. Ugh.

  3. jen, liberals and moderates don't care about that stuff - only religious conservatives like us - I doubt they will be running over to Obama.

    I like Santorum best, but I do like Gingrich, and I believe the peace he has made with the Church is sincere.

    My prediction? Ron Paul will screw it all either way - he gets the nomination and loses in an absolute landslide, or he goes third party and pulls a Ross Perot.

    Of course, if it's John McCain, Jr -er, Romeny, I mean - I don't even know if I'll vote, since it would just mean the establishment picks and chooses who they want.

  4. That is a joke about Lawrence Welk, right? He was a daily communicant.

  5. Mamie was not an alchoholic.

  6. CK and Dymphna - I was posting it as a joke - but that is exactly what I was told as a kid.

    Beating one's wife wasn't that unusual in the old days. Zsa Zsa Gabor once said that it was a sign your husband loved you. I think she was on the Jack Parr show when she said that.)

  7. CK and Dymphna - I added a correction note to the post - thanks for alerting me to the inaccuracy. Something to keep in mind as rumors swirl about the Internet and news media regarding the political contestants campaigning for the Republican nomination.

    Good catch! God bless you and many thanks.

  8. Next you all will be saying President Kennedy was a womanizer.


  9. "...Thumbs down to those husbands who beat their wives!...'

    Everything down to women that live a Domestic Violence Lifestyle.

    Once you are a victim.

    Twice you are a participant.

    Send Domestic Violence Women to Prison.

    For a long time.

    You will see Families come together in Peace.

    Domestic Violence Women are worse than Alcoholics; at least they pass out every once in a while.


  10. If that was a joke, I don't get it. If it wasn't, you're sick. DV isn't funny. Ever.

  11. I don't get it either.

  12. Saying that women "participate" in DV is not only patently false, but very offensive.

  13. Tricia's Wedding? The famous Cockette's film?

  14. "...Saying that women "participate" in DV is not only patently false, but very offensive..."

    As usual, you are right.

    My only expertise is having been a Social Service Administrator part of my duties and responsibilities being trying to keep children and their fathers from being savaged by women that dedicate their lives to being Professional Domestic Violence Goddesses.

    Learn a little something.


  15. I work in a DV shelter (volunteer), as well as survived it.

    I can reach no other conclusion except you're an ass. I hope you're retired, because I'm angered that you might still be f*cking with peoples' lives.

  16. Gloria - yes - I knew John and Wally - who were from MPLS - I can't recall their last name right now.

  17. "...I can reach no other conclusion except you're an ass. I hope you're retired, because I'm angered that you might still be f*cking with peoples' lives..."

    Our children are precious.

    We don't need molesters or perverts ruining their childhood, nor do we need Domestic Violence cockroaches destroying their lives as well.

    I am a well respected member of my community and my contributions to children for God's greater glory is taken seriously.

    Did you watch the video I provided?

    My Mommy (may she rest in peace) taught me we men should never raise our fists higher than our heart to a woman.

    If we did so, we would be in the wrong.

    And if we thought we were tough, we should go fight the Devil, and we would see how tough we are.

    We should not allow some women to destroy people's lives.

    Did you know women get 100% of all abortions, and have no problem killing a baby with contraception even before it has a chance to fertilize in her womb?

    I support all women that at least try to reject sin.

    "...I can reach no other conclusion except you're an ass..."

    Is there any other conclusion that can be reached?

    Thanks for the compliment.



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