Monday, January 16, 2012

If Tebow can do this...


Why can't Catholics I kneel for Communion?

Or genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament?  (I really do though.)

Or make a sign of reverence while passing a church?  (Sign of the Cross.)  (I do that too.)

Or say grace before meals in public places?  (I do that too.)

But really, back to my original point - kneeling for Communion - let's do it I should do it.

And it should go without saying: Kneel through the Eucharistic Prayer and the Consecration. - Go without saying for me - oh, and I do.

Even dogs do it.

I updated the post so no one feels like I'm telling anyone what to do.  Updates in red.  What?


  1. Well, I do make the sign of the cross when I pass a church. I do try to say grace before meals in public. I'm the only one usually who kneels for holy communion. I feel this is very important.

  2. People do all kinds of things, but who are any of us to dictate what others should do. I live in a Presbytery so I do them all-except kneel for Communion.

    What I do is my concern, between me and The Lord. Nothing to do with anyone else. Why don't we all just mind our own business, keep our eyes off the person next to us and concentrate our eyes and our thoughts firmly on The Lord.

  3. While I certainly respect your desire to kneel for Communion, I must agree with the Priest's Housekeeper. Also, we should always remember that our Eastern Rite Catholic and Orthodox brethren stand to receive; they have never done anything else. Nor do they genuflect. (BTW nor do the Benedictines, Trappists etc. They bow, for that is a much older sign of reverence).

    We cannot make a blanket statement that kneeling and genuflecting is more respectful than standing and bowing.

    As for the Eucharistic Prayer; if we were to follow the orginal GIRM - and ignore the indults granted for national deviations - we would adopt the posture that is used in the Vatican i.e. standing throughout the Eucharistic Prayer except for during the words of Institution.

    As the Housekeeper says: less focus on our fellow worshippers and more on the Lord :)

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  5. Oh yeah, along with the new translation are directives to kneel, and to bow before the Host that you receive in Communion. Take it up with the Pope. That big bad mean wicked judge of our souls telling us what to do.

  6. We're instructed to bow during the Creed as well.

    And strike our breast three times during the Confetior. If it's read at all.

    I think Terry's point, though, is not to dictate to others what they ought to do - but are being witnesses to those around us in even the smallest of things.

  7. Kneel for the Eucharistic Prayer, for to, but can't. Messed up my knees in a car wreck years ago. But an attitude of reverence; we can all do that.

  8. Of course, I was being purposely ridiculous with my first comment.But I'm deleting it anyway.

  9. I probably should have said - 'for those of us so inclined - let's do it.'

    I would never dream of dictating to someone else how to worship, nor do I judge or concern myself how others comport themselves at Mass.

    Tbe sure, I shouldn't have included anyone else in this post and I ought to have said instead:

    Why am I afraid to kneel for Communion - in church - at Mass - even though everyone else stands?

    Why do I worry about appearing overly pious if I make the sign of the cross while passing a church - especially since Tebow is unashamed to bend the knee and pray in public.

    It's me folks - it's just me. I'm the bad guy - not you. It's my hang up - not yours.

    Sorry that I rocked the boat.

  10. Larry - I'd like to know where you got the notion...

    That I liked that song? LOL!

  11. I genuflect before receiving, unless I'm at the Byzantine Rite church. I drove through NE today and didn't cross myself when I passed a church. Well, the first church wouldn't have been a problem, it's just that there are so many and it would be difficult to keep track of whether they were all Catholic; one was Orthodox and I think one was Lutheran. Maybe I need to audit the church selection and count so I'd know how many times to cross myself.

  12. Nan, LOL, you must have been in Omaha.
    BTW Terry, I love that picture of the boy and the praying dog!

  13. Until a year ago I attended daily Mass in the traditional form and everyone knelt at the altar railing...then I went to a Novus Ordo parish where everyone knelt at the altar railing for Holy Communion....then out of necessity I began attending a local novus ordo where most people stand and receive in the hand. I didn't know what to do for a long Eucharistic piety had developed to the point that I couldn't imagine receiving I asked a holy priest last year about this...I DID NOT want to appear as though I was overly pious but he told me to do it and that I would be leading a good example for others. Remember that kneeling and on the tongue is the normative way to receive and that everything else is through an indult. The holy father is trying by example to introduce this as being the norm.


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