Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Please pray for Gerald and Barbara Heil and their family...

Gerald and Barbara Heil were the only Americans still unaccounted for from the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which was carrying 4,200 people, including 120 Americans, when it hit rocks on Friday night near the island of Giglio off the Italian coast and ended resting on its side. - Source

The retired couple are devout Catholics from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, and parishoners of the church of St. Pius X.  They are still missing.

Under thy protection we seek refuge, O Holy Mother of God;
In our needs, despise not our petitions,
but deliver us always from all dangers,
O Glorious and Blessed Virgin.

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  1. terrible tragedy. I shall keep these good people in my prayers.

  2. If they have perished, I am certain they advocated before our Lord on behalf of those that perished with them.

    May God have mercy on their souls.

    The three Hail Marys for them.


  3. Kathleen Bennett7:29 PM

    We Pray for the family...Fargo,ND


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