Thursday, November 03, 2011

What I did last evening.

After adoration I stopped at the store.  Parked next to me was a van with a poodle sitting in it.  A standard poodle.  I talked to him but he was watching someone getting into a car on the opposite side.  I wasn't at all offended that he ignored me.


  1. Off Topic---

    But Salt Lake City's local TV station KSL did a little piece on our Cathedral of the Madeleine. Even a view from the rooftop!!

    Here is the link...



  2. I see your reflection. Or is that Aaron Eckhart?

  3. Yeah, standards can be that way. Snobs.

    BTW, this pic can't be the incident you speak of - a standard poodle would be able to reach the pedals.

  4. I just got the photo off Google. Yes, the standard poodle would have been able to reach the peddles. Which makes me wonder how Tounces the cat can drive?

  5. Toonces must have paw controls on the steering wheel.


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