Saturday, November 05, 2011

Jesse Ventura - he's just so darn funny!

He says he's leaving "Fascist America"!

So now this country is fascist?  I always thought Jesse was a fascist (along with Ross Perot) - so what up with him no liking it?  On the other hand - I was under the impression that Tea Partiers and Independents like Jesse believe Obama-nation has become Socialist Amerika? 
The former Navy SEAL said he had lost his patriotism.

"I will never stand for a national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise a fist," he said. - Source

One of the really big problems with American politics is that anyone can run for office - even those who talk politics without understanding a word they are saying.  Let's start naming names....

Jesse Ventura
Sarah Palin
Howard Cain
Morgan Freeman
Sean Penn
Lady Chatterly
Shelly Bachmann and his wife Michelle
Nancy Pelosi
Alec Baldwin
Charlene Pittman
Tonya Harding
Joy Behar
John Corapi
Hilda Phistter
Rick Perry
Barrack Obama
Joe Biden
Julie Andrews
Barbara Streisand
Kim Kardashian
All Poodles

Don't get me started on allowing everyone to vote.
Disclaimer:  No one was demeaned by this post - everyone is a winner - I'm singing, "This is my country..." right now as I write.  No derogatory language or names were used - such as scum bag, pond scum, idiot, retard, ass-face, punch-drunk loser, and so on.  No insulting terms were used against Jesse and his ilk - except for 'ilk' of course. 
We love you family! - Bob and Penny Lord.


  1. I don't run for political office either--I just don't have the personality and gift for gab...

    I think neither do alot of people..

    About ten years ago when I was living at my little cottage in the downtown area I went to vote in the Nov elections after I got off work..the ladies running the polling place was practically pleading with me to "write in" my self for the school board--there were three open seats and no one wanted to run for thanks.

    Now that particular school board is in a peck of trouble...


  2. The court dismissed his TSA suit, so he is irritated and has apparently decided America can't be salvaged (which would entail it doing what Jesse Ventura deems right and good). But do I care that Ventura is miffed? Nah. His ego doesn't interest me near as much as my own does. So if he insists on pouting and insulting the land that so graciously bestowed upon him the celebrity status that continuously coughs up sound bite opportunities for him, perhaps he could consider doing it offshore--and off camera? It's probably beyond his ability.

  3. Mr. Ventura has been stung by the reality of the real America; Secret Society domination and control, the ease with which Elitists (can't say Jews) can puppeteer the Media and Bureaucracy.

    Everybody that thinks America is a Christian Nation raise your hand.

    (no make pretend Patriots, please.)


  4. You can say "Jews" Pablo, we all know what you think. An America is no les Christian than any nation in Europe. Most Latin Anerican countries are ahead of us - for now.

    And since you obviously despise this country, why do you live here?

    Where is Ventur going to go? Canada? Mexico? The UK?

    And to be fair, Terry, Pelosi knows a lot about politics, perhaps too much. And Palin was a governor!

    What I can't stand are musicians who spout their political views, regardless of orientation.

  5. I agree on the Palin comment Merc.. I think musicians need to shut up and just do what we pay them to do.. Entertain us!!

    Just a side note.. I am not totally pro-palin.. I don't think I would vote for her.

  6. LOL! Jesse is crazy. Plus, he has a TV show that he needs ratings for - enough said

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    But the TSA is out of control ie "patting down" children and spilling peoples urine bags. This country is not only being deChristianized, but also losing our connection to our founding principles.



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