Thursday, November 03, 2011

Howard Cain...

There are so many topics I could post about today...
I love screwing names up - calling Herman Cain, Howard Cain for instance.  He's not going to make it BTW... I have a feeling he's a prevaricator regarding the sexual harassment suits.  Any and every person who has ever been in any level of management remembers all the details of sexual harassment accusations that cross their desks.  It is something one doesn't ever forget - be ye the accuser or the accused. 
Thrown under the bus.
I don't like politics.  Wasn't it just last year or so when people were campaigning for Bachmann and or Palin and if you didn't like those ladies you were a bad man?  So these two women, at some point in their careers decided to run for office.  They traveled the nation to gain converts and raise money - a lot of money - to fuel their campaigns.  And now the men in their party have pushed them aside and are fighting their way to the top over their dead campaigns.  What a waste of time, money, and attention.  I'm against it.
Other stuff:
Did the devil make people gay?  Nope.  Adam and Eve did.  All disorders came from mums and dadums.  I'm against it.
Occupy Oakland, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Whatever - I'm against it.


  1. Occupy pews? Occupy Confession? Occupy Adoration?

  2. Nan — now that is wisdom bumper sticker I can place on the bumper .... unfortunately, I do not like bumper stickers ... but if I did ....

  3. There're always T-shirts and lapel pins. ;D

  4. Oh! And tote bags, teddy bears, coffee mugs, pens, key fobs, buttons with blinking LED's, etc.

  5. pml, I don't much like bumper stickers either and was merely making suggestions for things to occupy that Terry might not be against.

  6. I've always held the belief that you could tell how rigid/wacko a person was by the number of bumperstickers on their car.
    Doesn't matter if you lean right or left.
    One bumpersticker=an opinionated person
    two= someone to avoid at parties
    over three= cross the street when you see them approaching

  7. “…Did the devil make people gay? Nope. Adam and Eve did…”

    St. Thomas has an article in the Summa which answers the question

    "Whether the first man knew all things?"

    He says:

    “Man named the animals (Gen. 2:20).

    But names should be adapted to the nature of things.

    Therefore Adam knew the animals' natures; and in like manner he was possessed of the knowledge of all other things.

    I answer that, in the natural order, perfection comes before imperfection, as act precedes potentiality; for whatever is in potentiality is made actual only by something actual.

    And since God created things not only for their own existence, but also that they might be the principles of other things: so creatures were produced in their perfect state to be the principles as regards others.


    Adam and Eve possessed infused knowledge from God; as God wanted Adam and Eve to live eternally in a state of grace, their fall did not immediately produce homosexuality, it seems to be something mankind picked up along the way.

    Satan I am certain, helped arouse man’s passion to the state of depravity and perversion.

    It is not within the natural character of man or the animals to be homosexual.

    To say God creates homosexuality in the soul of a new born is sacrilegious.


  8. Eve tried to blame the devil too - it didn't work.

  9. “…Eve tried to blame the devil too - it didn't work…”

    God's punishment for disobedience was cast upon Adam, Eve, and the Serpent.

    God did not further punish Satan.

    The Serpent was punished for lending itself to Satan's deception of Eve.

    Adam and Eve were created with infused knowledge that would have allowed them to live and procreate in the manner, for example, of the Virgin Mary when she gave birth to Christ.

    Crops and plants would have continued to be watered by the natural process God had already established.

    Scripture is very clear when it states the Father of Lies tricked Adam and Eve.

    Blame goes to the first cause, then to the second.

    Pablo rule of thumb: Establish first cause. Determine whether mitigating circumstance apply.

    Many times Satan is behind the actions of people.

    When Satan is taken out of the equation and Faith is brought to the fore, many people have gone on to lead fruitful productive lives.

    The biggest stumbling block to repentance are people that grumble "Oh, he needs to change his ways, or She's just a tramp and will always be a tramp"

    These curses and others like them closes the door to the salvation of souls.

    Sometimes when the Devil is shown the door, behavior changes.

    Man is sinful by nature; even God has come to terms with that.

    Many times an infestation or diabolical disorientation occurs.

    We should not sit back and measure others according to our personal virtue.

    We men need to pray for sinners, and when they are captured by Satan we need to roll up our sleeves and help rescue those sheep.



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