Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Update: The Nelson's are putting out!

Change of heart.
This afternoon I ran out to Target to get candy and picked up some yellow police tape at a home store outlet.  Yep - I'm going to terrify kids tomorrow night.  If they make it through the booby traps and crime scene tape - they'll get their candy.  I'm thinking of making a sign for their parents ala Herman Cain - "IF you don't have candy, it's yo own fault Whitey!"  I'll take photos.

Scared to death!
My goodness - I went to the Target in the most affluent area of the Twin Cities and the place was filled with foreigners.  I'm not kidding.  I told two fighting Somali boys that this isn't like their country so be nice to one another - "No killing!"  Most of the people were from India however, and I told the Pakistani check out person that I didn't know if they were upper caste or lower caste, so I wasn't sure if they really belonged in Edina or not.  She said, "Oh those heathen Hindus - such scum.  It's always Halloween for them."
I'm almost afraid to leave my house these days.  Although I console myself with the proverb, "Charity begins at home."


Halloweenie is tomorrow!  At 7PM I'm going to shave my cat because she has so many mats.


  1. Ha! I think there must be some humorous embellishment in this story, eh?

    Last night in the restaurant I waited on a Jordanian couple - the man was Orthodox and his wife was Catholic. Pretty interesting people, and very good-looking of course. And they sure didn't tip like Arabs normally do! :)

    And Pablo will be pleased to hear that Mexicans are typically great tippers - and they pay in cash.

    Btw, did you know the name "Pakistan" is itself a slight against the Hindus? ("land of the pure") It's not a traditional name.

  2. If you want to avoid trick-or-treaters next year, and all the years ahead, hand out little boxes of raisins in lieu of candy.
    Believe me, this really works.

  3. I've got my bowl full of dental floss, subscription cards for Oprah magazine, and old copies of The Watchtower that that accumulated over the years. Can't wait!!

  4. Were you joking about shaving your cat, Terry?
    Because I was actually thinking of taking the llama clippers to John Singleton Mosby, one of our barn cats. He is 21 now and can't turn his head to groom himself. He's got this stiff mohawk of a mat on his back that can't be comfortable, but taking him to the vets' might be worse.
    Or were you kidding?
    I'm really one of the world's most gullible individuals...

  5. I'm heading to Larry's house!


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