Friday, November 04, 2011

The devil in the black box prophecy.

Religious urban legends and Catholic parents over the line...

I just got an email warning people not to watch Glee. Sheesh!  I thought everyone knew that anyway.

Included in the email was the alleged quote/vision attributed to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton that went something like this:
“Every American would have a black box in their home through which the devil would enter.” *
Crossed eye roll...

I had to chuckle, because when I first returned to the Church - before Mother Seton was even canonized - the same vision/prophecy was attributed to St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.  Maybe they both had Dish? 

Somewhat related - Here is another interesting factoid:  Before the printing press became really, really popular, St. Rotundenburger had a vision of the devil printing Bibles on a copy machine.  Something like that...

Throw out your kids - keep the TV's!  Just kidding!
Warning to parents:  Seriously, never ever watch Glee, no matter what the show is about.  Kids in band and choir and theater are queer - err, different - anyway.  They either need to be bullied to shape up or forced into sports.

Have a great weekend!

*Another version of the prophecy: "And there was a box in every home and the people were sitting around the box. In the box was a flame and the devil was speaking to the people from the box and no one was doing anything about it."  I believe this version is attributed to Ronnie Lueken, the occult visionary of Bayside, NY.

Many Trads just blame the Jews. 



  1. I wonder what Bishop Sheen would say?

  2. First I ever heard of this was from a Russian Orthodox buddy. It resembles a line from "The Prophecies of St. Nilus," a Russian hermit monk. (He's also known as St. Nilus the Hut-Burner, because he was known to set fire to other monks' dwellings when he thought they were becoming to comfortable. I know!!) Look him up!

  3. You know what's funny.. we were never allowed to have a TV as children.. so I grew up in a household without TV. It wasn't until I entered religious life that I had a TV in my house. AND.. it might have proved true on the prophecy.. One of the favorite shows watched there was GLEE.. and Dancing with the Stars!!!

    Now that I left Novitiate.. I am back home with no TV. =D

  4. Michael - your story reminds me of when I was in the Carmelite novitiate - recreation was coctail hour and we watched the prime time shows on TV - followed by Compline.

    You have a cool blog - I will link.

  5. I think the black box n all reality is cell phones...people just CAN"T keep from fibbling with them...

    And people will literally QUIT jobs because there is no cell phone coverage..

    This past week I interviewed two folks who practically walked out of the interview when they found out that due to the construction of our building there is no cell phone coverage..Western Utah--think not quite the end of the earth but you can see it from there--has no cell phone coverage....we are having a hell of a time hiring a courier/driver because of that very reason..yes our vehicles do have company-monitered radio in case you have vehicle problems so it's not like you're not able to contact anyone if your vehicle has problems..

    My horse shelter for rescued horses is in an area with no cell coverage--although we d have land line...we CANNOT get "community service" folks out there to work. In fact I have to leave in a few minutes to feed horses as apparently these folks also cannot drive in snow...we got dumped on last night..I guess they'd rather spend time in jail with Lindsey than complete their community service--do they have cell phones in jail??

    At our fancy church dinner Thursday--part of our annual Festive Follies big fall fundraiser--the caterer chef before we got started asked EVERYONE to turn off phones and put them away...the faces you saw could have soured milk.

    I don't think it's the TV's cell phones and to a lesser extent faceBook and gaming..

    Emjoy the snow!! Time to put up the snowmobile avatar...


  6. "...Many Trads just blame the Jews..."

    The Jewish High Priest convicted them all "May His blood be upon us and upon our children"

    I strongly encourage you to read Mien Kampf, the section about the Jews.

    Makes you go Hmmmmmm...

    It is sad that many of us did not grow up with a Traditional Roman Catholic Mass and catechism.

    Too much Springtime fruit.


  7. Pablo Mein Kampf is based on nothing except Hitlers own ideas, and is just as hostile to Christianity as anything.

    Do you think for one minute Mein Kampf contains factual anything?

    Also, not even most Jews lived in Palestine at the time of Christ, how could the high priest speak for them?

    What you speak is vile, disgusting filth not worthy of a Catholic. Pius XII would be ashamed of what you are saying.

    Mein Kampf? Spinnst du, Mann? So ein Schwachsinn!

  8. Hitler had a Catholic upbringing.

    His generic inculcation was Catholic.

    Das Problem mit dem Schreiben über die Religion ist, dass Sie das Risiko zu beleidigen aufrichtig religiösen Menschen laufen, und dann kommen sie, nachdem Sie mit Macheten.


    1. Except Hitler was anti Catholic, and persecuted the Catholic Church, and murdered Catholic clergy. An uber leftist Godless socialist.
      You'll have to find a better way to denigrate the Catholic church.
      Perhaps if you became educated it might help.

  9. Terry,

    It's sad isn't it what has become of religious life? So many Orders have suffered from secularization and have lost their direction. I was shocked by the level of Effeminate men that I ran into, I did not expect to find that in a Monastery.

    God Bless,


  10. I'm just surprised that Mother Cabrini and Mother Seton had time for visions... other than visions of establishing schools, and visions of establishing communities of nuns to teach at those schools, and visions of poor children having the chance to receive a good education, and at the end of the day, visions of a good night's sleep.

  11. Pablo, Google Translate seems to be getting good, though "und dann kommen sie Ihnen mit Macheten nach" is probably better.

    Anyway, what you are saying is utterly preposterous and it is ignorant of history or Hitler's own views. The man utterly hated the Church, and hated Christ, calling him a weakling. What he hated was the Catholicism of his upbringing.

    And it is clear from his own autobiographical writings that his Jew-hatred stemmed not from his Catholic upbringing, but from a "revelation" he had later in life, when he was in Vienna. This involved a great deal of suppressing and rejecting what he was raised with, not embracing it.

    In the real world, Catholic heroes like Dietrich von Hildebrand and Cardinal Clemens von Galen were persecuted by the Nazis, Catholic Saints like Maximilian Kolbe and Theresa Benedicta of the Cross were executed by the Nazis, Pius XI wrote "Mit brennender Sorge" against the Nazis, Pius XII sheltered Jews, and the Italian Fascists pissed off Hitler because the Church still had enough sway over them that they refused to hand over the Jews to the madman from Branau.

    Of course, I can think of some illicit bishops today who would gladly become his puppet.

  12. This combox is twisted. What was this post about again? What?

  13. Cath - it's always like this on my blog.

    Mrs. Rudd - agreed - both Mother Cabrini and Seton were very practical educators.

  14. How the hell did I get dragged into this?

  15. I just wanted you here Kat.

  16. Is it true.... are you going bloglomerate? I heard a rumor.

  17. I think the black box in every home is the internet because it unleashed pornography for free into any home, and porn is a direct attack on the family.

  18. I heard of a prophecy back in the 80s about everyone holding a little black box in their hand. I think this is the iPhone and we are here now.

  19. Anonymous7:32 PM

    black chips are always black and always rectangular. Could it be that which ever saint prophesied about the black box was referring to technology and it's hold on our lives.


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