Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pray for Bishop Finn, and all of our bishops...

Bishop Robert Finn Indicted.
I haven't followed this story closely because I never expected it to come to the point of indictment.  As 'they' say, it is unprecedented.  I think Bishop Finn is a very good bishop, although others may condemn him for one mistake, most likely done in good faith.  At any rate, his 'negligence' was not criminal.  Anyway, he needs our prayers.  Here is the story:
Bishop Robert Finn on Friday became the highest-ranking Catholic official in the nation to face criminal prosecution in the decades-old child sexual abuse scandal — an action that stunned many inside and outside the church.

A Jackson County grand jury on Oct. 6 secretly indicted both Finn and the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph on misdemeanor charges of failure to report child abuse in a case involving a priest facing child pornography charges.

As Finn and the diocese denied wrongdoing Friday after appearing in court, news of the charges roiled the nation and the Catholic world.

“This is historic,” said the Rev. Thomas J. Reese, author of “Inside the Vatican: The Politics and Organization of the Catholic Church.” - Finish reading here.
Bishops in jail?  Be careful what you wish for.
The Bishop Finn story reminds me of the Peter Kreeft statement:
Kreeft: It would be wonderful if 100 bishops got thrown in jail for marching with graphic images. - Source

Speaking of images of aborted babies, I know what he meant of course, but the idea of bishops in jail is never a good one, even in times of bloody persecution, and I wouldn't wish it on the worst of them.  On the subject of showing people graphic images of aborted, torn asunder, babies, whenever I've done it Catholic pro-life women asked me to remove them - so I'm not sure showing dead babies is the way to go.  I became convinced abortion was wrong when I actually saw a film from Sweden - shot inside a woman's body, showing the man ejaculating and following the rest to conception, implantation, and birth.  Explicit but not pornographic.  As a 'virgin' I understood the true meaning of sex and the conjugal act and I became entirely pro-life. 
We don't have to show people death - we need to show them life.  Show them creation and creating life.  Americans are desensitized to death - remember Halloween is coming and all you have to do is count the zombies to know what I mean.
Speaking of pro-life - it shouldn't be a business.
Fr. Pavone defied his bishop and refused to meet with him.  Not good.  Not a good sign.  $$$$$$$

Pray for Fr. Pavone's Bishop Zurek too.


  1. Terry--the thing about Pavone and his ordinary is that there are conflicting stories of what the ordinary did and said--and we don't get to know what's true. it undermines my trust in them both.

    With Bp Finn--he didn't lie or weasel on the stand, and will most likely be convicted, because he sadmitted he knew about the child porn in December of last year, and didn't report it.

  2. I work as a government contractor, and kiddie porn on government computers is ZERO tolerance...

    We found out the consequences a couple of years back when one of our computer folks got busted..he was instantly fired, severe fine as well as losing al pay and benefits, and was turned over to the authorities....his supervisor received a written reprimand and docked a month's pay, his Manager received a written my company if you received a written reprimand you cannot receive pay raise or bonus for one year, and you cannot received another reprimand in the year time period or gotta walk the tightrope...

    Utah is pretty tough on kiddie porn so not only did the offender have to face Federal criminal charges since this took place on a government installation, he then had to face Utah criminal charges..

    If this particular Bishop knew about the priest and kiddie porn, especially if it was on a work computer, and did not report to the authorities then he's in deep way around it. I don't have much sympathy for him..


  3. I'm sorry for him but things have changed. The police must be called when there appears to be a problem. Don't delay, don't play Nancy rew and don't ponder for even a few days.

  4. "...I don't have much sympathy for him."

    If you knew him, Sara, you just might.

  5. Topherdone4:23 PM

    I know this isn't the most unbiased source to quote from (as he ended up leaving the Church, partially as a result of the sex abuse crisis), but I think Rod Dreher gives a thorough and accurate assessment of the situation: Link Here.

    I pretty much agree completely.

  6. The reason this is unprecedented is because Ecclesiastical matters always have trumped secular Courts and Law.

    Popes and Priests answer only to God.

    Monarchs and Governments have always bowed before Papal and Priestly authority.

    Now, as the world prepares for the anti-Christ, Priestly authority is being subjugated to Freemason Courts.

    Let the old ladies and children pray; it is time for men to suit up for spiritual warfare.


  7. Pablo, if a priest breaks a just secular law, he should be arrested and tried by the secular courts.

    If a priest steals, or murders, or rapes someone, he has not merely broken the law of God, but also the law of he land, and he must be tried in the same way that you or I would.

    Are you trying to say that priests should be above the law that you or I must live under? If a priest runs a red light, does he not get a ticket?

  8. No, a Priest that runs a red light generally does not get a ticket.

    I am a 'driver' for Priests.

    I don't even get one while driving Padres around.

    Church authorities have means to discipline Priests and Religious that commit acts you and I would consider 'against the law.'

    Yes, there is punishment for homosexual activity and subsequent cover-up, and so on.

    If a Priest that had a little too much brandy ran me over, or wrecked into my car, I would seek out his Superiors for a remedy.

    It is not about money.

    Our reward is in Heaven.


  9. Pablo, I am sure you are making things up. Priests are not allowed to run red lights, and if so, then shame on them.

    And a priest who commits a murder or a rape needs to go to jail. There may be canonical penalties as well, but they deserve to go to jail like any other man.

    Please cite canon law that says civil crimes are treated in ecclesial court.

  10. "Priests are not allowed to run red lights..."

    Some people in this world, still have a sense of the Divine; even pagans.

    Some of us have lost that sense.

    There is no shame in helping Priests.

    If an officer has the discretion to write or not write a ticket, he exercises it.

    Priests are not driving around town looking for every stop light they can run through.

    The sense of the Divine.

    Before the Jews killed Christ, most men had a sense of the Divine.

    (afterwards, Satan took the opportunity to disorient man, and began the work of changing man's focus)

    Because they had begun to use their authority for personal benefit, and began to nit-pick the Law, they lost sight of Heaven.

    It caused them to lose their inheritance and not see the Messiah.

    During Lent, the Priest holds the paten before his face as he looks towards the Blessed sacrament symbolic of the Jews.

    If we look upon people that practice their religion, we see the ones most looked upon are those that focus on that in which they believe.

    It is not the nit-pickers; it is those that do what we should be doing.

    Paying attention.



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