Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protestors!

They're right here in Minneapolis Mabel!
Seriously, I thought they were just Tea Partiers on drugs.


  1. Which one's you, Ter?

  2. We had them in Salt Lake City this weekend..

    Utah is too die-hard conservativwe Republican for them to have much of an impact..

    The whole purpose behind min- wage jobs is #1 have jobs for high school students and #2 motivate you to get the RIGHT education and training so that you DON'T have to say "Do you want fries with that??" These jobs aren't meant for folks to raise a family on..

    If anyone is wondering what GOOD training is....consider horseshoeing/farrier work..dont' need a college degree and mine is busier than my stylist..when mine is out trimming my horse I have to book the next two month appoint.right there or I'll never get in....when you move out to Utah email me.


  3. We had them in San Francisco, but I think the Blue Angels scared them away...;^)

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I hear they'll be in Montreal later this month.

    Patricia Gonzalez

  5. Sarah - they're just hippies - they won't have much of an impact anywhere that's not a college campus. They are fueled by rage and hate, not by a love of anything. They hate the country and it's institutions, and I am sure you will not find much love for Christ among those marijuana-reeking crowds either.

    A bunch of "Rage Against the Machine" crap. And seriously, what a disgusting, horrible band, too.

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    With all the talk about Wall Street, I've yet to read a single person committed to selling all financial holdings. This is the only way to REALLY Impact Wall Street machinations.

    Let me be the first !


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