Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Lady of La Salette: WDOLRS?

Fr. Z seems to know: 19 September 1846: Our Lady of La Salette.
The message has been added to and embellished over the years, although some believe the messages from Akita, Japan say the same thing - more or less.  (Approved La Salette message here.)
I read today that the seers at Medjugorje have said that official recognition by the Vatican will not come until after the visionaries are dead.  


  1. Fr. Z has a bunch of stuff quoted there that does not appear to be accurate. His commenters call him out on that, though.

    She seems to have bee very concerned about Sabbath rest and taking the Lord's name in vain.

    I always wonder about what our Sunday obligations actually are now. I go to Mass and say the Rosary, and I try not to work on Sundays, but sometimes I cannot avoid it (I had to help out my manager yesterday, who was desperate for waiters to work). I also sometimes do translation work in the evening - which is for money, but it's easy work and I have fun doing it. Or sometimes I end up grading papers or preparing classes for Monday on Sunday evenings.

    Also, I would be all for bringing back the laws that most businesses have to close on Sundays, but with things the way they are, is it a sin to go shopping? Or what about leisure activities - going to the zoo, to a museum, to a concert? Is that sinful? (someone has to work). Ditto for restaurants - no one seems to complain that restaurants are open on Sundays, especially since it might give a mother some needed time off from cooking. But is that something that angers God (as Our Lady of la Salette puts it), because SOMEONE is working? I used to work one shift on Sundays all the time (I never worked doubles, so I could go to Mass).

    And one could go on and on - garden work on Sunday afternoons (which is usually a leisure activity and exercise nowadays and not "work" in the traditional sense), etc. I've even obsessed over whether it was okay to read a novel or play a video game on a Sunday afternoon, since these are not religious pursuits.

    I can really drive myself crazy sometimes - and it's me, not God, and not the Church doing that.

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    And as is likely, it won't come after, either.

    We know "until" doesn't mean it will happen.

  3. - but until they're recognized by the church their followers are disobedient and even if it's the real blessed Mother herself directing them.

    How can one be holy AND disobedient?

    If I were one of the seers I would send everybody home, seal myself away with a computer - used as a type writer to take notes from the Blessed Virgin Mary and without Internet access, then disappear. I would submit all written works to a church approved priest and jump through all of the churches hoops otherwise I'd shove the notes in a drawer and thank the blessed Mother for the privilege of her company... Less is more.

    Besides, it's silly to require from God another source for the truth. We have the Mass and the holy scriptures tell us what's going to happen. We have tradition and the catechism. We have the lives of the saints to contemplate and emulate. We also have Fatima, Lourdes etc...

    When we become mature in Christ we don't need to search for feelings of rapture, dare I say a spiritual rush, as Christ himself consumes us. The Holy Spirit is enough.

  4. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Completely off topic, but Voting has begun at the Canonball Awards.

    I voted for you.

    So that I can't be seen as trying to garner votes for myself, I will enter this comment as anonymous

  5. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Awards? bah. Stupid. They should ALL be stopped. Favoritism, not truth. As I know Terry agrees.

  6. Mercury, I doubt it's a sin to go shopping on Sunday, although my Pastor has mentioned that if people don't shop on Sunday it won't be sufficiently lucrative for stores to be open.

    It isn't a sin to work on Sunday if you must although not working is preferable.

    It isn't a sin to garden on Sunday, especially if that's restful for you.


    the problem is that the Bishop has already told them to shut up and keep it to themselves. They're bound to obedience to him. The alleged apparition has spoken against the Bishop, so it's unlikely to be the Blessed Virgin Mary; if you recall, she told St. Bernadette to be obedient when she was told not to return to the grotto. Think also of Padre Pio, who was not allowed to take Confessions and of Mother Teresa who was told to wait and not talk about her desire to start a new religious order. In MTs case, she was told that one of the ways to determine whether it was from God was whether she listened and waited.

  7. Awards? bah. Stupid. They should ALL be stopped. Favoritism, not truth. As I know Terry agrees.

    That's right! Catholics must NEVER have any fun!!! Bad bad bad bad!!!

    Oh - and please vote for me too, in the Hifreakinlarious and Snarkiest Blog categories.

  8. Thanks, Nan. Once again, overactive imagination about the pettiness of God :(

    And Terry, I like that image in your header. What monastery is that? Looks Russian Orthodox.

  9. A Random Friar11:10 PM

    The "seers" are seeming less and less like trustworthy witnesses.

    Don't get me wrong, I've met many people, parishioners included, who vouch for Medjugorje, and are faithful Catholics who do many good things, but on this part, they seem to have a blind spot, IMHO.

  10. Totally off-topic..

    But Ashton freaking Kutcher on "Two and a Half Men".....


    I know where I'll be on Monday nights..


  11. Sarah - I missed it.

    Larry - I didn't say anything.

    Friar - it seems to be a good out for the seers - 'it won't be authenticated until after we are dead' - a good way to keep the audience coming back.

    Merc - I believe it is Russian but that is all I know.

    Nan - good points! You should work for the chancery!

    Belinda - very good insights.

    Anonymouses - use a name. And I'm pretty much all for Kat's contest with one exception - she viciously snubs Fr. Z. I don't get it.


  12. Mercury...

    I really try to limit my hard hard work on the Sabbath...since I live by myself I have myself and my household to keep up...feeding and caring for cats and horse...

    In the winter there is always snow to shovel....

    I'll garden a bit, but Sunday is not the day where I spread a truckload of topsoil...

    I do all of my laundry through the week, Sunday maybe a bit of ironing...smae with a bit when I get home from work each evening and about a half hour when I get up in the morning..

    Since I don't have to prepare a big Sunday dinner for family I usually crock-pot something...

    I really really try not to go shopping on Sunday by planning my week accordingly...I do my grocery shopping midweek, same with gas. Feed stores for my horse are closed on Sunday anyway so usually Saturday is when I pick up hay, supplies etc.

    By making my Sunday more of a "day of rest" I find I'm much more able to tackle the work week ahead than running around all day Sunday and going to bed way too late and tossing and turning because I'm fretting that I didn't get that one last thing done..I LUV my Sunday mornings as I fix myself a GOOD breakfast--usually wafles and eggs and sit back and enjoy the sunday am news case anyone freaks I go to 11:30 Mass :) Sunday afternoons is usually when I call my mom.


  13. The later extended versions of the message of La Salette may in fact have some be legitmate. As I mention in a recent blog post,Sr
    Lucia had continued guidance from Our Lady long after the last public apparition in 1917. Melanie could theoretically also recieved such guidance for her later versions of the secret.


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