Sunday, September 18, 2011

And what our hands have touched... - 1 John 1:1

I came across a beautiful quote from Pope St. Pius X on how holy communion is one of the remedies for venial sin:  
"Though it is extremely desirable that those who practice frequent and daily communion be free from venial sins, or least from fully deliberate ones, and from all attachment to them, yet it is enough that they be free from mortal sins and resolved never to sin again; with this sincere proposal, it is impossible that they should not gradually correct themselves from venial sin and from attachment to it." - Pius X

"Holy Communion is not a reward for ready-made saints, but medicine for sinners still on the way. It is not a prize for the sinless, but itself the ordinary means for growing in freedom from sin."  - A Minor Friar  
Art:  My finished, albeit unframed Sacred Heart of Jesus. Details
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  1. That's beautiful, Terry!

  2. Love these quotes and the beautiful painting of Our Lord. :)

  3. The Latin Tridentine Mass creates Catholics.

    Pope Saint Pius X said that many times, and was the Holy Father that fought hardest against Modernism.

    He is also the only Pope that held every Priestly Office a Priest could hold before becoming Pope.

    Pretty good picture of the Sagrado Corazon.


  4. Very fine job, Terry! I love the play of dark and light, the right side and the left side--it reminds me of the icon of Jesus that the Byz priests give the penitent in Confession, one side justice the other side mercy, if you know which one I mean. Only, your Jesus is much more personal. Something about him is very much like you. Like your little boy Jesus (Jesus of Teresa, I think you called it?)

  5. the only Sacre Coeur image that I've ever seen that I like. Thank You!

  6. Many thanks to all of you. God bless you.


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