Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fractal Catholics

Widening the division.
Cardinal Schonborn is fighting schism.
Vatican Insider reports that the Church in Austria is dangerously close to schism.  Now it's news - but it didn't happen over night, did it.  It has been going on for a very long time, right under the noses of those in charge. 
What is schism and heresy?  Schism is essentially the act of refusing to submit to the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him.  Heresy is the formal and deliberate denial of any revealed truth of the Roman Catholic Church.  Apostasy is the deliberate and complete rejection of the faith by a baptized Catholic. 
Cardinal Schönborn speaks out against a looming schism.
The Cardinal warned that those who are promoting the reform manifesto with its slogan “A call to disobedience”, will not succeed in putting the Archdiocese of Vienna on a collision course with the Holy See. “Everything is possible and I am counting on dialogue and cooperation,” the Archbishop said, extending a metaphorical hand but at the same time excluding any possibility of a break with Rome.

Dissidents, led by parish priest Helmut Scgueller, are advocating a series of radical reforms to the Vatican, in close collaboration with Hans-Peter Hurka’s ultra neo liberal “We are the church” movement. “We are the church” is the real driving force behind dissent in Austria. It is an important movement in terms of numbers and influence within the Country. It rose from the ashes of the Hans Hermann Groër case. Groër was Schönborn’s predecessor in Vienna.

It was after the accusations of paedophilia made against Groër that some Catholics in Innsbruck and Vienna, decided to react and draft the famous “Appeal from God’s people”, an agenda for the church hierarchy, outlining a number of specific points. Between 1995 and today, the Appeal has been signed by over two million and half people. Indeed, it was initially supported by many Austrian bishops.  - Vatican Insider


  1. Homosexuals are the 'Back seat drivers' in this movement.

    The gaining of influence in Holy Mother Church for this group is critical to maintaining their choke hold on many parishes.

    Tradition minded Catholics need to hold the line with His Excellency Cardinal Schonborn and not allow the Pacifists of Holy Mother Church drown out their opposition with cries of "Let's Negotiate!"

    To Satan,"Let's Negotiate!" = "We Surrender!"

    Do not tire of advocating for Truth.


  2. So, would you say that the SSPX are in a de facto state of schism?

  3. What does the Church say?

  4. "Wir Sind Kirche" is a vile, vile movement masquerading as something religious. They campaign for the Church to adopt a more "menschenfreundlich" (usually translated as "humane" but literally means "person-friendly") sexual ethic, which is code-word for acceptance of premarital sex, cohabitation, homosex, contraception, and more "understanding" re: abortion. Also women priests and democratically elected bishops. They foist the people against the heirarchy and against tradition, in the name of Christ.

    So what I want to know is, how did the Church survive so long without realizing that fornication and gay sex are a beautiful acts blessed by God?


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