Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From the com-box...

All about me - and you.
I've been collecting anonymous comments - the kind we bloggers complain about claiming we are persecuted.  That's funny.
Here's one:
This blog is all about you and your various interactions with what's left of Catholicism. This entails being sorry for things you either haven't done or things you don't intend on remedying. You can always feel good about yourself by taking control of the situation and blocking comments, getting a new hairstyle or even making a new painting of Mathew Shepherd as the Shepherd, or something to really get people angry. Anything to feel superior and judge those who don't share your advanced spirituality and cultural talents. Even in a post about defending Mark Shea, it always can come back to you.
Yep.  It is all about me.  I'm sure if anonymous has a blog - it's all about him too.
Just because people don't like you or what you say doesn't mean you are a persecuted passion-bearer.  If everyone of us knew the thoughts of others in our regard... 
On second thought, maybe anonymous commenters really do us a favor after all.  I believe thanks are in order.


  1. curious recommendation about mathew shephard. have you painted him before?

  2. The ironic thing is that you are one of the few bloggers who is really up front about how this blog is about you - at least in the sense of documenting your own thoughts and your own idiosyncrasies and seeing things from your perspective, as well as about your own foibles. I think that's why people like it, and why it's considered so honest.

    It doesn't mean I think this blog is about how great Terry Nelson is. Far from it.

    But so many bloggers are convinced that they are blogging on a mission from God, and that THEY must bring the truth to other benighted souls, or that THEY have to defend the sheep from the shepherds (not saying Bishops are immune to liberalism and that they are always even on target, but that we are bound to respect them and their office whether we like it or not).

    I've never seen you pretend that your opinions were the perfectly true representation of what is truly Catholic (TM), or engage in flaming of individuals (maybe I missed some of the past that you hint at).

    Ironically, in a blog about you, more humility and more Christ gets shown here than in many other places in the blogosphere. If that makes any sense. So much of the "I am doing this on a mission from God" stuff is often a front for the self. I think you may see it that the self should only be a front for Jesus. Am I making sense?

  3. "Will Work For Food"

    I was in downtown Phoenix, Arizona the other day and saw someone with an entirely different sign than the popular one above.

    "Evicted From My Com Box By My Readers. Please Help"

    The guy was cleaning up.

    He wasn't getting chump change, people were stuffing his pockets with cash.

    I guess its true when they say

    "Victims make the best donors"

    This new phenomenon has yet to be studied Scientifically that the absolute Truth about this be revealed, so for now we will have to rely on Scripture for now to explain this:

    "...But I say to you not to resist evil: but if one strike thee on thy right cheek, turn to him also the other:..."

    If someone steals your combox, give him also your posts.


  4. Terry, if you've taught me anything, it's to rejoice, when the group I most want positive attention from, are at emnity with me. Keep doin' wot yer doin kid!

  5. The "anonymous" usually are a cross between yellow belly and flake, and get off on the attention their comments get when singled out. I'm obviously perpetuating this condition by adding my attention to what sounds like and anti-Catholic diatribe. But just how incredibly coward it is to throw rocks and then hide your hands so others wont know who threw them.

    "Kish Mein Touchess." See if anonymous recognizes that.

  6. Blogs are about their author?! Wow. Revolutionary. Just like anonymous comments are about nobody.

  7. I actually think the anonymous commenters are people who just don't like you and are either drunk or on/off their meds, or maybe still need to be diagnosed. Some even pretend to be your friends.

    I should post a list.

  8. Maybe it was just a confused Paul Westerberg fan.


  9. It's all about you and I had to stay at home and help Pa with the farm.

  10. Blogs are about the people who make them but that's not the end of it. We blog about so many different things, idea, beliefs. That's more than just making a person popular or not.


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