Friday, September 02, 2011

Mass chat: New wine - old wine.

Today's Gospel is about how you can't put new wine into old wine skins, all the traditional interpretations of this passage aside, I was struck by the last line:  "And no one who has been drinking old wine desires new, for he says, 'The old is good.'" - Luke 5:39
I wonder if this isn't what those who desire the Traditional Latin Mass - the Extraordinary Form - are trying to say? 


  1. Ah, But We who like the EF mass now, do so because it is done reverently and according to the rubrics. And we all follow along with out missalettes, listening for the bells etc etc.

    But speak to the ocotgenerians who will freely admit that the Mass of the Ages had developed its own abuses. The 20 minutes speed mass, The praying of every other prayer in your prayer book, because you didn't or couldn't follow along.

    Maybe what should be happening is not so much a going back or a going forward with the form of the mass, but more agoing back to the mass (either and form) being celebrated reverentially, piously and according to the rubrics as set by Rome, not tweeked by any of us.

    Now, I just have a pint of pilsner and shut up

  2. Nathan12:32 PM

    Mr. Nelson, you are being a wily Minnesotan today! And I read all about wily Minnesotans in Fr Z's combox this morning, so I'm realllly smart on the subject.

    (Actually, I'm taking to poor commenter so far out of context as to be ludicrous, but it was fun, especially since the wily one referred to in the comment was only mistaken to be Minnesotan.)

    What's interesting about applying the line about old wine to liturgical debates is that it is entirely plausible, using the same logic, to say it applies to those who prefer the current English translation of the OF, "the old is good:" let's resist the new one coming out this Advent. I'm just not sure that the scriptural context strongly supports a liturgical conclusion of any stripe.

    But the reason that I think you're posting is wily is that you should get a lot of fun reaction in your comboxes!

    In Christ,

  3. Properly catechized Roman Catholics are trying to tell you something...

    Satan has tricked Modernists Catholics.

    That they are known by modernists as 'Traditional' that only attend the 'old' Mass is a grave mistake on the behalf of Modernist Catholics.

    The wine at the wedding at Cana becomes the best when Christ puts His hand into it.


  4. Charlotte1:10 PM

    Saint Michael,
    What would you like us to call them?

    I have personally always found it ludicrous that trads get offended at being called traditional.


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