Monday, August 29, 2011

Meaning what?

This post was set to carry the subtitle: Making up new definitions for words and terms.  It wasn't on Larry's top ten list of popular blog topics guaranteed to get a lot of hits and comments, so I scrapped it.  The following glossary of words and their extended meanings is how far I got with the project...
Tentative - one who lives in a tent or is related to a tent.

Peddlefile - an annoying bicyclist.

Pompous - one who wears big hair - e.g. pompadour.

Asinine - an event which occurs when nine asses he-haw in unison.

Drinking-bout - a lone medieval-style drinking contest with no one.

Travesty - a really bad outfit, or a tasteless wardrobe belonging to a transvestite.
Art:  A sample of some of the new headers I've been working on for the blog.


  1. I thought about that topic, but I couldn't come up with a word for it.

  2. aurora8:30 AM

    Def. Word up.

  3. +JMJ+

    You make headers? =D

    Do you have an online store?

    May I order one?

    PS--You need to work on that slogan, though. How about "Flaming the Catholic Internet Since 2005"? (I would have made it more alliterative, like "Flaming the Fools . . ." but I know that you don't think of the people you write about intelligently, if passive-aggressively as fools.)

  4. That does sound much better E. You are good. No - I have no expertise when it comes to web design - so I do not make headers.


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