Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here's a thought.


  1. "Do as you wish".

    Satan's credo.

    It has killed my family.

    My brothers and sisters prescribed to the belief whatever makes you feel good is fine.

    They would hear no criticism and mocked anyone that spoke Truthfully to them about the danger their souls were in.

    They told those Faithful not to judge them, and not to be so critical.

    Some of them have died without the benefits of the Sacraments, or having spent at least a little time in habitual grace.

    The others have hardened their hearts against God.

    I am attending Mass in the morning with the criticisms of my Mommy and dear Godmother ringing in my ears (God rest their souls)as they judged me a loser if I don't.

    God bless people that speak Truthfully.

    Sometimes what they say isn't nice, but that's life.

    " may be revealing the truth about yourself..."

    The Truth about me is far worse than my enemies describe, and not as bad as my friends would expect from someone like me.


  2. God bless you, Pablo. I'll try to remember to pray for your family members at Mass tomorrow. I'll say the three Hail Marys for them and for you tonight before I go to bed.

    Much as we duke it out, this is a powerful prayer I've learned from you. Thanks.

  3. Amen to that Terry!

    Saint Michael Come To Our Defense, I lit a candle and said a prayer for you at Mass this morning.

  4. Thank you all for your prayers.

    God be with you.




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