Sunday, August 28, 2011

I was thinking... again.

Instead of ending the blog, I might continue writing it anonymously - under a pseudonym.  I figure that way I can be even more honest and forthcoming without fear of destroying my reputation and losing more friends - the offline ones I mean.  I know I say we shouldn't worry about our reputations so much, but recent experience clearly demonstrates I'm unable to do as I say.  Proud Mary.
Anyway - from now on I just might publish under a pseudonym - I'll keep the blog title however because it is probably one of the coolest blog titles ever.


  1. If you blog anonymously do you fear that without consequences for your writings you may be tempted to say things you normally wouldn't?

    I know it would be too much of a temptation for myself to practice.

    I think you are fine, Terry. I wouldn't worry about changing the blog.

  2. Don't you dare end this blog. :)

    You're famous now - Mark Shea linked to you and said some nice things.

    I like him, by the way. Perhaps more than any other, he gets crap from extremists on both sides. He also recently helped me out in relation to the "pastoral advice" given to me by the guy I told you about.

  3. I have been viewing your previous posts covering the last six months, and have cross-referenced them with the comments made, and painstakenly alphabetized them into an index and table of contents and come to same conclusion.

    After much deliberation and consultation with minds far superior than those of mortal men, we concur.

    The Hi-jacking of the second council has finally caught up with your blog.


  4. I thought Terry Nelson was your pseudonym, and this all was being written by Aaron Eckhart. I'm really getting confused now...

  5. Use a pseudonym and call it Abbey-Roads 2--no one will catch on!

  6. I hate this new look.

  7. I started out under a pseudonym - just "Te Deum".

    However, I didn't need to be as careful with how I responded to others.

    On the other hand, there is no anonymity with God. He sees it all. So, I finally concluded that I could blog under a pseudonym again, if I so desired, but careful to not engage someone in ways I would not, if I were using my real name.

    There is another consideration for some people. That is, one's employment. I think things are going to get ugly and if you discuss Catholic teaching on certain subjects, you could be labeled and have difficulty finding employment, or find yourself dismissed, even if you discuss something in a civil manner, on your own time, on your own equipment.

    While there are some Catholic bloggers who blog anonymously in a very civil and respectable manner, there are others who are downright mean-spirited and nasty in ways I don't think they would be if they came out from behind that anonymity. It's just self-righteousness.

    Prayers on your discernment. Name or pseudonym doesn't matter to me, but shutting down the blog would be disappointing.

  8. Clark - what should I do? I hope you were safe in the hurricane in Manhatten!

  9. Anonymous8:57 PM

    that gal over at gloria tv's been on vacation for a while now. kinda lonesome without her.


  10. I think your blog is just fine, Terry. What's all this talk of ending it?? Is it the silly half-wits who leave nonsensical comments who are getting to you? Unfortunately, crazies have full access to both the internet and a computer, which unfortunately is not unlike a Molotov Cocktail. Ignore the crazies, and when they leave a comment, politely direct them to the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes homepage.

  11. Please don't end this blog. Your site is my "go to". You always give insight and a laugh; who could ask for more?
    I do understand your concern, and respect your right to go private, but I think Kat has a point. Please pray about it. But either way, you must not leave us! Pretty please?

    You are always in our prayers. :)


  12. Terry,

    You're really going to close down? Why? We like your take on the issues of the day. I think it's the altitude. You've got the Reno jumpsie-wumpsies. Change that picture with the bad font though, please.


  13. Come on. You're scaring the kids.

  14. Terry - now that picture header is dramatic! posting anonymously ... as long as I know it is your writing ... and not your cat's ...

  15. Okay - I'll stay online.

    Thanks everyone.

    Clark - how's this one? I'm not good with fonts however. And I don't know about the blue.

    I have to go pray my rosary now.

  16. Yay!!! Now I can get a good night's rest. Night all!

    God bless you Terry!


  17. I like the current picture - AND it looks good with the font.

  18. Tom in Vegas said:

    "Terry. What's all this talk of ending it?? Is it the silly half-wits who leave nonsensical comments who are getting to you?"

    Terry. Is he talking about me? And if he is, and I am, I can just go. Don't shut your blog.
    You deserve better clientele now Mark Shea has given you the thumbs up,then again, he's a bit mad too though, that's why I like him. Mark, I mean, not Tom. Tom's attitude to those less sensible than himself, reminds me of the nurse in 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest.'
    Unsafe mercy oozing out of him, I feel herded by his words and that is not a joke. I am being serious.

    But, that withstanding, he may have a point about you being wearied by your work not being commented on in a more traditional and sensible style, maybe I am encouraging crazy outbursts in others with my tone, so I will leave Abbey Roads, not you Terry.

    God's blessings, whatever. I have really loved working here (I mean visiting, visiting!!). I wouldn't be able to change unfortunately, you know, get sensible. I try, but the minute I walk in here and see some of the faces sitting at the bar........

    I will keep praying rosaries for everyone I have met here.

  19. "I figure that way I can be even more honest and forthcoming without fear of destroying my reputation and losing more friends - the offline ones I mean"

    You mean the people who know you in real life aren't aware of your radical views, Terry!? *shaking my head* LOL

    Seriously though... who could possibly get offended by what you have to say - which is mostly just common sense and a rehash of basic Catholic teaching and spirituality? Perhaps not telling your more, shall we say, neurotically sensitive friends, that you write a blog, would help?

  20. Thanks Mark - good advice - but they find me somehow! LOL!

    Shadow - you always have a place at the bar here.

  21. Writing anonymously could be fun and I can yell at you anonymously and you can try to guess if it was a comment from me or not. What fun!

    -Dorthy from Kansas

    BTW.. When people go anonymous they go covert and become really wicked. I don't believe I'd go there.


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