Friday, September 02, 2011

Fashion notes: Menswear...

Rick Owens at Bergdorf's.
Many years ago there lived an Emperor who was so exceedingly fond of fine new clothes that he spent vast sums of money on dress. To him clothes meant more than anything else in the world. He took no interest in his army, nor did he care to go to the theatre, or to drive about in his state coach, unless it was to display his new clothes. He had different robes for every single hour of the day.

In the great city where he lived life was gay and strangers were always coming and going. Everyone knew about the Emperor's passion for clothes.

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Rick Owens

Lightweight Cashmere Cardigan


Rick Owens

Asymmetric Silk Cargo Shorts


ck Owens

Ribbed Tank



  1. That's why I like the Upper East Side, everyone is into the classics. Right now I'm into


  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Great for the hurricane season with the flooded streets and all.


  3. My boss is female and was wearing some of those, today!

  4. "I'm sorry, Mr Model sir, but your application for a Man Card has been rejected."

  5. $247 for a tank top! Ok, it's ribbed...joking!...what idiot wastes and I mean WASTES their money on that. A pack of fruit of the loom tanks work nicely, thank you very much.

    What an ultra-maroon.....can't resist a looney tune reference with a looney post.


  6. Well, you know, once upon a time, gentlemen dressed like that... sort of.

    The breeches weren't so baggy - more form fitting to show off the powerful thighs that made romance heroines (and readers) swoon. Probably not a good idea for the anorexic types.

    Legs weren't so hairy in public. Stockings took care of that.

    Shoes were a bit lower, and no one would admit to having flat feet (so common, dahling) like the model shown.

    And I do believe that there was a lot of lace around the neck.

    But other than that, it is rather 18th century retro.

  7. Mrs. Rudd - exactly I thought the same thing - but I was thinking 'tattered 18th century'.

    I actually posted it with the French September Martyrs in mind - I know - very weird connection.

  8. What a travesty. A hodgepodge of unkempt, disheveled, and disordered. It's aggravating to just look at this guy.

    "Half a million boots went slogging through Hell..." This guy reminds me me of the song "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"

  9. I saw an older gentleman this morning wearing a matching black shorts suit without a shirt. There he was, across 9th from Gethsemane church, leaning against the parking lot's fence, legs crossed with one foot on point.

  10. The Suicide of the West.


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