Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sitting Bull was a Catholic?

Apparently so, he wore a crucifix.  I'm so proud.   
Sitting Bull wore a crucifix.  
Sitting Bull biography.


  1. So wait, does that make Madonna a good Catholic?

  2. Henry Karlson7:00 AM

    Red Cloud became Catholic; his is an interesting story. Even before he himself decided to become Catholic, he sought the Jesuits, wanting them to educate the youth. He had to fight against the United States government to have this happen (which was opposed to Catholic missionaries being given access to the reservation). Eventually, he was himself baptized a Catholic.

  3. Mercury - maybe - LOL!

    Henry - Why did I not know this having gone to Catholic school? Maybe I missed it. It is heartbreaking what was done to Indian people by European Americans - although the French were better.

  4. That is an awesome picture.
    His eyes, his eyes.

  5. Henry Karlson11:37 AM


    I only learned about Red Cloud when I started my independent study of him and found out what happened to him late in life.

    http://www.redcloudschool.org/ as you can tell, the mission school is now named after him.

    There are some great texts by Christopher Vecsey on the history of Native American Catholics (such as The Paths of Kateri's Kin). I highly recommend them.

    But for the most part, we are rarely taught much about Native Americans and I believe it is in part because we are too ashamed to hear the story.

  6. Anonymous11:50 AM

    he also assisted the missionaries in evanglizing the Indians. His last will and testimony to his family is really moving. where he talks about his Catholic faith.
    fr ray/dc

  7. The crucifix is probably a spoil of having killed a Catholic Priest and taken his 'power' from him.

    The American Indian was very diabolical, and many remain so to this day.

    In Albuquerque New Mexico each year, there is a gathering of nations, a league of diabolical shamans, witchcrafters, and Satan’s children.

    This includes each year the Aztec Satanists from Mexico, the same group that was sacrificing innocent people by cutting their hearts out and offering them to Satan.

    The Missionaries made little progress with the Indians.

    The Auriesville Martyrs of New York are a good example.

    Pray for their conversion.

    It is interesting that the Holy Mother appeared in Mexico and converted that nation, and the American Indian was left to annihilation at the hands of the Freemason Founding Fathers.


  8. Hello, anti-Christian xenophobic racism, how's it going?

  9. (So we're clear, not you, silly Terry.)

  10. A poor, blind Negro gentleman once told me intelligence was a crutch people of little or no Faith used in an attempt to describe Truth.

    Re-writing history isn't something that should be done.

    If Sitting Bull were a Catholic, he, as a Chief, would have ordered his tribe to become Catholic.

    The Indians were the first true Communists.


  11. Henry Karlson4:41 PM


  12. I am aware of the Roman Christendom blog and article.

    I have enjoyed reading articles on that site.

    The question of Sitting Bull and others that supposedly became Catholics: what was his Christian name?

    Saint Juan Diego had a Mexican (not Aztec) name before Baptism.

    After Baptism, he became Juan Diego.

    We hope that God had mercy on everyone that has died, He only knows.

    We cannot make Catholics out of them if they were not.

    I hope Sitting Bull did get Baptized.

    History points otherwise.


  13. When we are baptized, we "put on" Christ. I daresay, then, that his "Christian name" is, simply, Christian.

  14. Thanks Henry - and Fr. Ray.

  15. Tonight I met a young woman named Alyssa, who's exploring the Catholic church. She had come to the Chrism Mass with a friend. Please pray for her.

  16. Wait, how were the Indians Communists? They believed in the proletariat seizing the means of production from the bourgeoisie? Destroying traditional mores in order to create a new order?


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