Friday, April 15, 2011

Bad, bad, bad, bad, boy...

"The cult of celebrity is poison."
So anyway - there I was Thursday, minding my own business, packing up paintings to ship and so busy with this and that, I wasn't even online to get in on the latest tar and feathering.  Evidently the man with the hair, Michael Voris said something to upset even the good guys of the Catholic blog-o-drama-sphere. I'm thinking it is pretty much just a misunderstanding, but I'm not sure - some people don't like Michael.  This brouhaha will most likely blow over, and beisdes, it is not like Voris is beholden to anyone like a bishop or religious superior, or was caught in some sort of sex scandal.
For me, the silver lining of it all is this: People seem to be waking up to the fact that the Catholic blogosphere is fallible - big time fallible and puffed up.  That includes priest-blogs and those aristocracy-pretending blog-heads who want to form a guild for Catholic bloggers.  Like that isn't elitist.  Anyway - regarding the idea of a blogosterium, Mark Shea said it better than I could:
"Don't put a mitre on the head of any loudmouth in the blogosphere or Catholic media, especially me. A gaggle of apologists and bigmouths like me is not the Magisterium."
The cult of celebrity is poison. People need to stop hoisting aloft every internet chatterer who thinks God has given him the power of excommunication against those who don't happen to know their suffocating small constellation of shibboleths." - Mark Shea

I've been more or less saying the same thing since I started blogging.  The advice applies to me, and you, and priests, and lay people alike - trad, novo, or dissident. 


  1. 'That includes priest-blogs and those aristocracy-pretending blog-heads who want to form a guild for Catholic bloggers. Like that isn't elitist'

    I'm attempting to join, I don't care if I am called elitist and I know I'm aristocratic, my Father is King of the Universe, and my Mother is Queen! I'm entitled!
    I want to meet up with all the 'words' in human form, I think people will be completely different in real life, to how they are on paper (so to speak)! I'd certainly like to lay my hands on a few bloggers I've only heard from in comment form up till now (in order to hug and pray over them, if desired, I mean);)

    Dylan (a reluctant sinner blog), the guy who thought it seems like a really great bloke too, humble and vulnerable, like Jesus. I think this venture, if successful, has the potential to pour healing oils on some of the sore wounded parts of blogland, if allowed and thereby present the faith as something worth having, rather than avoiding at all costs!

    Anyway, It may involve Mass and picnics, in parks. I love a good picnic!
    You should start one too Terry!

    I may be completely wrong ofcourse, I've been wrong before, many times............... 'They' might not want me, once they meet 'me' boohoo! On the other hand, I might not want 'them' either? What a risk, this living business is, especially when you're sober! Praise the Lord!

  2. michael r.8:06 AM

    Speaking of men with big hair, have you seen Robert Redford lately? He's out promoting his new film, and all I can think of is that he looks just like Michael Voris. They must go to the same stylist!

    Love this: " A gaggle of apologists and bigmouths like me is not the Magisterium."

  3. Michael - I've been saying that for quite some time - that Voris looks like Redford.

    Shadowlands - will I have to refer to you as Dame now?

  4. Good post! I've seen it in my parish too. We had a lady whose husband dumped her for another woman, the lady kept going to Mass and serving as an EMHC and with the women's league. Finally some busy-body told the lady that divorced people couldn't be EMHCs. This lady left the Church. Sure glad I don't have that on MY soul!

  5. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Thanks. It gets a little tiring to read sometimes, and at the end, we are all fallible. OK, I'M fallible:-).

  6. 'Terry said ' - will I have to refer to you as Dame now?'

    Not sure, I'll need to speak to the Guild.......;)

  7. They all make me weary...

    BTW - I did exactly what Michael Voris suggested. Life is better now.

    As for the rest of them (the tar and feather crowd?) I haven't read them in years.

    I'll stick to "real" people like you and Larry, thank you very much!


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