Monday, March 21, 2011

Father Zuhlsdorf: On Priests, Holiness and Avoiding Spiritual Peril.

Excellent advice.  The best I have ever read.  Go read it.
Thank you Father Z.


  1. Good article up until the conclusion. Maybe it's just me, but Fr Z seems to be blaming the Faithful for being scandalized by the scandal.

    Polarizing clergy and laity against each other sure won't profit the Church any.

  2. I'll have to reread it Gette - I think many priests are kind of shell-shocked these days - so I'm sure Z didn't mean it that way. The innocent priests seem to be condemned with the guilty and I think it is very painful and difficult for them, and sometimes they come off rather defensive. They also have to deal with our disappointment and I'm sure it gets to be rather taxing.

    You are sensitive to such things and I know you realize that too. God bless.

  3. Yes, Terry, you're right, trying to avoid being defensive must be difficult for our priests these days. I can't imagine being in such a quandry as they find themselves in-- feeling the blows at the priesthood as they must, yet having to act as spiritual director to the faithful (who are themselves quite shell-shocked).

  4. I don't drink coffee, but this was good.


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