Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another post on the Fr. Corapi Accusations.

"The blogosphere has been crackling..." Greg Kandra
Fr. 'I'm so well known that the damage is irreparable' Corapi.  I was thinking about that statement.  That's a pretty high opinion of oneself.  I haven't noticed anything on national news regarding this story - just online Catholic sources.
When these stories come out about priests I am always shaken.  It bothers me and tempts my fidelity.  While pondering the Corapi discussion, I've concluded that even if Fr. Corapi is innocent of the accusations, I believe this whole interruption to his life and career just might be good for him and his followers.  We believe in Divine Providence, right?  God draws good out of evil, right?  Perhaps this is a correction, a needed break to step back and examine the 'business' Corapi is about?  Maybe the 'for profit' deal isn't the way to go when fulfilling the mission to 'preach the Gospel without charge'?  Discounting the business part, maybe it is a good reminder just how fallible human beings are and that we ought to place our faith and trust in God alone - not 'princes'.  
I've never read the Deacon's Bench before, but today I came upon some objective commentary on the Corapi affair not found elsewhere online.  Most of Corapi's middle American fan base seems ready to defend the priest to the death and come close to condemning anyone who dares to suggest the accusations just might make sense.  In the beginning I liked Corapi - although I never thought he had the greatest elocutionary skills, but he pretty much lost me during his copyright wars over his material and speaking tours, not to mention the death threat drama and security detail he incorporated into his entourage.  None of that meant he can't preach the Word of God however - Jim Baker, Ted Haggert, Jimmy Swaggert, and other televangelists have brought many a soul to Jesus Christ as well.
Though it is extremely difficult and shameful to be accused unfairly - believe me I know how that feels; after all is said and done, it seems to me to be conformed to our Master through accusation and persecution may not be such a bad thing - at least to the extent of not complaining and saying "Why me?"  "No servant is above his Master."  Unless the servant begins to imagine he is, and then humiliations clear that misconception up - if we're lucky.
Fact is, we all need purification, and no one is his own master.  And troubles are the lot of the Christian in these times.
UPDATE:  A friend sent me this link to an even better commentary: Regarding Father Corapi: I Wish This Were Less Predictable


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  2. First of all, there's nothing wrong with saying something that is true about one's self. It is true that Father Corapi is well known.

    It is also true that these accusations are also irreparable, and I don't think that is what he actually said either. Is that a direct quote, because I don't recognize it from his original statement?

    There's also nothing wrong with making a buck.

    I'm sure Father Corapi would agree with you about trials and stuff, but there it is.

  3. Hi Tancred.

    From Corapi's statement: "The resultant damage to the accused is immediate, irreparable, and serious, especially for someone like myself, since I am so well known."

    Hang in there.

  4. Hi Terry,

    I don't know if you wrote that for sure, but this is what was attributed to Father, "I'm so well known that the damage is irreparable"

    Unless that quotation was a paraphrase of what someone thought Fr. Corapi said, there's a huge difference.

    That being said, I don't particularly like Fr. Corapi. I haven't watched EWTN in years, but I think all of the talk of his "star" status and wealth is unwarranted.

    For a lot of people, Father Corapi was the first taste of Catholicism they ever got, so their love and loyalty for the man is not only understandable, it's laudable.

    I wish the people out there who may or may not be sneering with this, "I told you so" look on their faces in liberal land and elsewhere, if that's what you're really doing, and wipe away that smirk and start praying that this orthodox priest doesn't get destroyed and railroaded by these accusations. Who knows, SOLT might have some liberal scumbag behind the scenes?

    Anyway, I recall a similar furor when Father Marx was replaced by a more liberal priest, Father Walsh... that was almost as much of a disaster as having Father Eutener get in trouble. So sad, as soon as we start getting some traditional stuff in the "Pro-Life" movement... Anyway...

  5. Oh that. I inserted that paraphrase as a nick name. Sorry.

  6. What bothers me in this whole situation is a couple of things:

    1. All the people ready and WILLING to shout: "I never really liked him!" There are a lot of people that have really been positively affected by Fr. C, (Myself in that for clarity purposes) and this is just another dagger in them (myself not in this category).

    2. I agree with Terry that a sort of "correction" a la Market Correction, could occur if he is found not to be guilty. The onus will be on him of course, and that is why prayer is so necessary.

    3. Regardless of your feelings towards Fr. C, his "style", his "manner", his anything... this is a tough thing for the Church to go through. I know in my local situation Fr. C and Scott Hahn are used against many of us more orthodox/traditional/old school etc... Catholics because they are so Rigid... things like this dont help, and it actually makes things harder for us.

  7. A Random Friar5:52 PM

    He's correct in saying that he's well-known and that the damage may be unrepairable.

    Why? Because the first thing many people will think of when they think of him is the scandal, true or false.

  8. The first thing I think of when I think of him, both now and prior, is Joyce Meyer.

  9. The first thing I always thought of was his past and wondering who the actress in the car was - you know - when they were on their way to Vegas before his conversion.

  10. Again, I've never liked him much. He's a freaking neo-Con.

    Anyhow, he's absolutely correct. His reputation is irrevocably damaged and I'm seeing it get trashed here and in other areas.

    I don't think now is the time to speculate on whether or not he has groupies, a fan club, a cult of personality or whatever.

    One thing's for sure. I've seen some seriously vindictive little Fauntleroys complaining out of the side of their mouths about this man.


  11. I was amazed to see the he received 2.7 million dollars in a lawsuit. Heart surgery was recommended that was not necessary...

  12. Mr. Nelson,

    if we had committed any calumnies you don't seem to have been too concerned about it until now.

    It's becoming clear that you are overstepping your bounds here by speculating, as well as making false accusations and insinuations against the person of Father Corapi.

    I'm sure whomever it is you're talking about in your post doesn't want to be associated with your blog.

  13. Tancred - my apologies for my lack of charity in my response to your good comments.

    You are a blessing - thank you.