"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Some Catholics are quite thrilled because they can eat meat today and break their Lenten fast as well, since the Annunciation is a Solemnity.  That's kind of cute, don't you think?  It seems so juvenile for some reason.  It must rejoice the Heart of Jesus - "let the children come to me!" 
Art: Annunciation, John Collier.  Contemporary religious art is so refreshing sometimes.


  1. Do I still get to break my fast if I have to work and can't get to Mass? Seriously, I thought about being a tough guy and fasting and abstaining anyway, but then I figured there'd be some serious pompousness involved there.

    Anyway, it's good to know that lots of Catholics bother to abstain on Fridays in the first place. What a sorry lot we are, huh?

  2. Coun't me juvenille. I find it fun... in a childish way. There is a part of me that rejoices in the idea, it is like "ice cream for dinner!" Sure we shouldn't and sure it would make more sense not to, and probably be better for us if we didn't... but we do it because it is GOOD! :)

    There is a part of me that wants to bring McDonald's to our Parishes Friday Stati... oh, I mean "Ecumenical Prayer Service" which will be a presentation of the book "Three Cups of Tea."

    Maybe just for you Terry I will order a happy meal, well... a BIG KIDS MEAL!

  3. I thought about eating meat as a sort of reverse sacrifice today,since I'm a vegetarian.
    But, every time I try,I just about...
    well, lose my appetite anyway. No offense to meat eaters...It's just one of my (many) quirks..:)

  4. No, it isn't "immature" to feast with the Church. We fast and feast together as the Body of Christ. I don't understand your thinking here. The Annunciation is a wonderful Solemnity.

  5. Not cute at all. It seems to me to be childish, not childlike. It is symptomatic of a desire to do the absolute minimum and then gripe about it. Absolve of the fast for a solemnity made sense pre-1966, but now we already do so little penance that this only adds to the scandal.

  6. Father - I'm actually with you on this. Margaret of Cortona fasted on Sundays and was reprimanded by an aquaintance for doing so - I forgot what she said - but it was clear her heart was set upon the Heavenly Banquet rather than earthly repast.

    I just didn't want people to feel bad so I lightened up my comment.

    That said - I'm not much for meat anymore either. I'd love to get drunk though - but that's a sin.

  7. PS to the post - I love this painting so much because it speaks of the 'greatness of ordinary life' showing in a contemporary manner that the Blessed Virgin was an ordinary girl, prepared and chosen by God to do his will, to be his mother.

  8. I remember this painting from last year. I simply love this painting for the reasons you describe, Terry. I must confess, I dreamed of boysenberry ice-cream last night. Pathetic. Father: I agree with you.

  9. Do your self a favor and listen to Amy Grant sing Breath of Heaven:


    It is lovely...

  10. So I've been astaining all day from meat but I guess I should go ahead and have what I want for dinner tonight? Would that still be mortification cuz I'm trying to be obedient vs. following my own will in continuing to abstain? Oh rules, rules, rules ... I never know what to do anymore.

  11. p.s. i really like the painting, too as it reflects a normal kid. but when's the last time you saw a girl dress like that outside of the catholic amish (you know who you are lol). for some reason, i just can't picture st. gabriel appearing to a girl from today. all the girls i see walking home from school (or in church for that matter) wear short shorts and stringy top thingys.

  12. A Random Friar3:23 PM

    Do as you wish today with respect to abstaining and penances. And leave others alone with their wishes. Holy Mother Church does not mandate either today.

    But yeah, I just had a big bowl of ice cream...

  13. Random Friar -- Oh you friars! :)

  14. DB - the women around here dress like that all the time.

  15. Fr. Erik, I sense that you're totally jealous. :-p

    (Fwiw, I abstained. But only because I dearly love seafood.)


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