Monday, March 21, 2011

The expanded war.

“The disturbing news coming from Libya has awakened in me fear and trepidation,” Pope Benedict told the faithful in St. Peter’s Square after the traditional Sunday Angelus prayers. He reported that he had made a “special prayer” about the state of affairs in Libya during his Lenten spiritual exercises last week. - CNA
I'm consoled by the fact that the Holy Father can also be afraid.
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  1. The "funny" thing in all this is that the Europeans are using the same arguments to go into Libya that we did to go into Iraq, except even less convincing (no one claims that Libya can threaten anyone outside of Libya).

    I feel terrible for the people getting clobbered by Qaddafi, but at the same time it doesn't seem like a good idea for the Western powers to mix in with it.

    Then again, the rebels were encouraged by the Europeans to continue to rise up against Qaddafi - so they do bear the brunt of some responsibility I guess.

    And of course, that black stuff under the sand may have a lot to do with it.

  2. ...curious report on Zenit today:

    Father Fortunato di Noto, head of the Italy-based Meter Association, made this appeal...when he held a press conference at the headquarters of Vatican Radio to release a 2010 report on pedophilia and child pornography.

    The report noted that 57% of Internet servers discovered by the association that manage the traffic of child pornography are found in European countries, with 38% in the Americas, 4% in Asia, 0.40% in Africa, and 0.27% in Oceania.

    In Africa, 100% of these sites are located on servers in Libya. In the Americas, 94% of the sites are in the United States, 2% in the Dominican Republic, 2% in Ecuador, and 2% in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    "In regard to Europe," Father Di Noto reported, "Russia has 99% of the domains, and the remaining 1% is divided between Italy, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Rumania, Slovakia, Germany, Holland, Greece and Belgium."

    At the end of the report Father Di Noto is quoted:

    Father Di Noto asserted that the real challenge is to enable "the victims who have lost hope to come out of the tunnel of silence and find their dignity again, a dignity that has been darkened precisely by those that more than anyone should protect and love them: fathers and teachers."

    "Because," he added, "I can guarantee to you that when God hears the cry of children, there will be no Church that can resist, no society that can resist, because it will be God who will cry out for them; and there won't be a conscience that can be placated, because God will get furious in his mercy."

  3. I'm scared that the Holy Father can be afraid.


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