Thursday, March 24, 2011

Archangel Gabriel

Supreme commander of God,

Minister of His divine glory,

Leader of the angels and instructor of men:

Ask for us great mercy and that which is profitable,

In that you are the supreme commander of the incorporeal hosts.


  1. Don't you mean the Comander in Chief, Saint Michael?

    I understood the Archangel Gabriel is God's messenger, and does fight under Saint Michael's leadership, but is not the Supreme Commander.


  2. In the old calendar March 24 is observed as the feast of St. Gabriel. I used a prayer from the Byzantine liturgy for St. Gabriel.

    In the new calendar the 3 archangels are commemorated together on September 29.

  3. Gabriel was my confirmation name when I was confirmed into the Catholic Church thru RCIA...

    I chose his name as I am an engineer by trade, primarily in communications circuits. He has aided me greatly..

    Sara (yes this is my real name)


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