Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Tomb of Fr. Solanus.

Our prayers are in his hands.
The photo is of the tomb of Fr Solanus Casey - LarryD was there yesterday, and he prayed for you and me and everyone who asked to be remembered the next time he visited.  The folded notes on top of the coffin are the prayers of pilgrims - written out prayers, devoutly placed on the holy father's tomb.  Larry's prayer for us is amongst them.  Larry told me he asked Fr Solanus to bring his prayers before the throne of Christ, through the intercession of Mary, that they may be done according to the holy and divine will of God.
As Fr. Solanus would encourage us; "let's thank God ahead of time", and let us thank Larry for his charity.
Thank you Fr. Solanus.  Thank you Lord.  Thank you Blessed Mother.  Thank you Larry.

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  1. Larry, how sweet. Thanks much. I was so struck by learning that he suffered from Excema, or some horribly painful skin disease,and yet still he ministered, with such a large heart for God...

  2. Yes, thank you, Larry.
    And thank you, Terry, for the website link.
    I loved listening to Fr Solanus' voice--like one of those old-timey newsreel narrators.

  3. Dear Faithful in Christ Jesus,

    11th hour prayer request:

    Nicholas Francisco Martinez is set to be sentenced tomorrow (Feb. 2nd).

    Please pray the Lord soften the heart of the Judge, for God's greater glory.

    These are misdirected young men that need to learn their is a God and He loves them.

    No one else in their lives has.

    On behalf of Nicholas thank you for your prayers.


  4. michael r.9:57 AM

    Thank you, Larry.


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