Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'm afraid it may be true...

"Not a good man left."
If it is any consolation, it has always gone on - before and after the Council - we just seem to know more about it today.  Priests fall.  They always have.  Consider that monasteries were once considered to be hospitals for sinners - even penitentiaries - where men actually atoned for sin. 
Remember that Christ told the disciples he saw Lucifer fall like lightning from the sky...  And yet the Holy Spirit groans aloud: 
I said in my alarm;
'no man can be trusted'
all have gone astray,
there is not a good man left -
there is no one who does good,
no, not even one.



  1. The little evidence that is out there is mostly circumstancial. But, sadly it does not look good. & the silence in refuting it doesn't help either. There may be a good reason for the silence. At this point all we can do is what Matt Abbott said: "Pray for all those involved. Pray that the truth be known."

  2. Anonymous1:48 AM

    this is truly depressing. i hope other priests out there who decide to go on TV, blog, give public talks and revel in the public spot light will take note of this disturbing trend that is happening as of late

    may God have mercy on all our priests, but most especially give them the grace to remain grounded in humility.

  3. A Random Friar7:47 AM

    Pray always. Pray always for clergy, that we may not fall.

  4. I offered the Mass intention for Fr. Tom Euteneuer today. Asking your readers to pray for me my my brother priests too!

  5. LeoRufus8:24 AM

    Rock stars.
    Disappointing but not surprising.
    The Sean Hannity interview will become an episode of "Famous Last Words".
    At least boys are not involved.
    That's one consolation.

  6. Hi Terry -

    Pardon my not knowing, but what did he do?

    It seems to me that sometimes the closer a person is to God, the heavier is the attempt to drag them away from Him. Is that the case here?

  7. This is very depressing and so disturbing. That kitty video you posted a while ago would be good about now.

    These are days that require us to practice the presence of Christ and pray without ceasing.

  8. Hi Rhaps - I wish I hadn't heard about it myself - but if you follow my link to Matt Abbot there are other links there to the allegations.

    Dear Fathers - I am praying for you very much - and if one should fall, I pray he gets right back up and continues to follow His Master.

  9. http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/statement-of-fr-thomas-euteneur-setting-the-record-straight/

  10. Anonymous
    Good point.

    It reminds me of the quote from St. Josemaria on Father S's now-defunct blog:

    "A priest should be exclusively a man of God. He should reject any desire to shine in areas where other Christians do not need him"

    In the meantime, may God have mercy on any woman who would not only commit adultery, but do so with a priest. How desperate can some people get, to compound their own mortal sin in such a way?


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