Monday, January 31, 2011


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  1. Judas experienced the torments of conscience.

    It says in the Book of Psalms “I will send senseless children to mock them” This refers to the damned; the souls of the damned are going to be mocked in Hell. A conscience that is guilty is mocked and tormented.

    In the movie the children eventually disappear. That is because they are devils.

    Judas is shown running away from fits of conscience towards despair.

    He tries to run away from his guilt, but despairs and commits suicide. Judas is the symbol for all the damned.

    Judas defected from the cross.

    THE sign of the Satanic is defection from the cross. To try to keep people from going to the cross is the first sign of the satanic. The Devil appears and says “Don’t go to the cross”

    (the dead animal refers to what the Fathers of the Church call the rotting flesh of sin; the rope that Judas takes to hang himself from the dead animal is his own sin)

    Jesus would have suffered any humiliation for our sins. He would even allow Himself to be sodomized.

    The scene showing the Holy Mother standing over Jesus as He hung in His cell is the Holy Mother drawing the line against Satan and the Jews in this regard.

    This post is a good meditation on sin and conversion.

    Claudia, a pagan, was given the grace of conversion for her kindness to the Blessed Sacrament.

    She gave the Holy Mother her finest linens with which to wipe up the blood of Christ.

    Very good post.

    I enjoyed re-watching the video.



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