Saturday, February 05, 2011

New Interim President of Human Life International Get's It Right.

Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula, HLI Interim President:
The trial in which HLI finds itself today in some ways confirms us in our work, because the mission of our organization, like the mission of any other Catholic institution, is not based on the talents or virtues of one person, but in the commitment of the organization as whole.
I will not elaborate here beyond our statement as to the specific nature of Rev. Euteneuer's departure, although I do ask for your prayers for him and for all harmed in this difficult affair.
On many occasions I have stated that our main solidarity should be with those who have been harmed. In this case, this includes our supporters and any whose faith is shaken by this trial. In my role as interim president I am committed to do all that I can to be of assistance. But whatever I can do in this regard totally pales in comparison with the selfless dedication of two of our employees who have put many hours assisting the young woman gravely harmed in this case. May the Lord reward them for their dedication and charity. Also we are grateful for all the work that the bishops and Dioceses of Arlington and Palm Beach have done and are doing to try to set matters right.  - Source
Thank God times have changed - today we finally understand that abuse gravely harms the victim.

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  1. You know Terri, I hope once and for all I learn the lesson of the danger of the 'cult of personality.' I think this may have really cinched it for me.

    I thought I had mastered it when I left the last Protestant church of my wanderings 6 years ago. The pastors had both fallen under such scandal that today I'm still healing from it all. I was in ministry was devastating. It was a crossroads for me and actually a valley of decision. I was tempted to walk away from the church altogether ( after seeing numerous scandals in other ministries my husband and I were in).

    Mercifully, my mother's faithful rosary tendered the graces needed for me to find my way home to the church of my childhood.( my husband one year later)

    But ~ oh what a mess of a journey because of looking to man rather than God.

    This one blew me away, though I thought I'd just about seen it all.

    I pray for my own witness to be sure and that I may be faithful; I pray for priests and pastors to know themselves...and to flee from sin like Joseph in the palace of the Egypt.

    I pray I've learned my lesson.


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