Thursday, December 09, 2010

St Juan Diego, feast day December 9

Center Panel:  OL Guadalupe
Side Panel A:  St Felipe of Jesus, St. Joseph
Side Panel B:  Bl. Miguel Pro, St. Juan Diego

Doors:  St. Francis and St. Clare

I searched for photos of a triptych I did with Juan Diego in it - finally found these very poor photos - sorry about the flash back and complete lack of cropping or any technical expertise.  The work is a small wooden construction a friend made for me.  I interpreted the triptych as a nicho and painted it in the Spanish Colonial style - the exterior doors were based on Italian fresco from Assisi.


  1. Beautiful, Ter Bear.

  2. Fr Joe6:38 PM

    I love looking at your work so much, Terry.

  3. elisabeta8:19 PM

    Nice tryptichs. But what happened to your Advent, Terry? Thought you weren't checking out the comments. BTW, what's with Sarah Palin? I'm new to your blog, and probably don't belong here.

  4. St. Juan Diego is such a great saint.
    The patron of the marginalized, forgotten who truly love the Lord and make His Presence known.
    Beautiful; just beautiful.
    Thanks, Mr. Terry. And a happy feast!

  5. Thanks Fr. and Thom.

    Elisabeta - I decided to keep the hold on snail mail only - USPS stuff - I post such a variety of things that I realized I need to respond to comments at times.

    You are most welcome to stay around - I'm not as bad as you might think - I write stupid stuff, but I think I'm sincere about devotion to Christ.

    Many readers come and go however - and that is good for all of us. I noted at various times I respond to commenters in a manner to avoid offending sensibilities, or sometimes I post hoping they won't be offended by my opinions - and that is nothing short of dishonest on my part. I find I disagree with many good people - frequently on both sides of an issue, and I need/must be honest with myself and my readers.

    Ultimately, at one time or another most readers are at least annoyed, and many people decide not to read this blog any longer.

    It is very good for me to be corrected and condemned and rejected by others. It is very, very good - both for myself and my readers.

  6. Thanks Fr. NP - It means much coming from you!

  7. Elisabeta - sorry - I forgot to answer your real question concerning Sarah Palin. I think she is funny, that's all...


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