Thursday, December 09, 2010

Getting ready for the holidays, with Sarah Palin.

Meet my new housekeeper.
Since Sarah's daughter lost Dancing With the Stars, Sarah's been cleaning houses to pay expenses incurred travelling back and forth to the show. I can see Alaska from my house, so I asked if she'd like to help me out getting the house ready for the holidays. Long story short - I woke up this morning and look who's got the vacuum out ready to clean. How did she get in? I don't know.
Anyway - I was at the grocery store yesterday and paged through Sarah's book - freaked me out! Everything I read, I agreed with. How scary is that? I told her about it over coffee.  I was so surprised to read Reese Witherspoon is related to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence - who happened to be religious and in politics.  (It's in the book.)  She's so dang nice.  Really, I mean that.
Let's get to work hon!
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  1. So is she doing the mama bear hockey-mom pit bull with lipstick motif this year?

  2. **GASP**

    Is that a painting of Joseph Smith on your wall??

    Sara (not Sarah P.)

  3. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate Mormons and Protestants! Sorry - I dislike them. Anyway - it is a Swiss General.

    I revealed something about myself here - I cannot stand anything to do with or anything protestant, included in this is anything associated with horrid cults such as Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Seveth Day, Amish, Hutterite, Mennonite. They represent hell on earth to me. I'm so serious.

  4. Does that mean you don't wear Calvin (Kleins)?

    Years ago, my sister-in-law bought my elder Son a Protestant Bible. I threw it out and replaced it with a Catholic one.

  5. Terry--

    Your Swiss General (the half that is visible) is VERY similiar to this famous painting of Joseph Smith:,_Jr._portrait_owned_by_Joseph_Smith_III.jpg

    My most profound apologies...I am in self-imposed time out now..


  6. Sara - LOL! I was just kidding - no need to go into exile.


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