Saturday, December 11, 2010

Larry wants photos of the blizzard.**

So this was my front door a couple of days ago.

This is my front door after the snow finally stopped and not long after I cleared my steps, sidewalks and driveway - yes - the photos are blurry because of the extremely high winds and I'm drunk and fell down the stairs while taking these shots. LOL!.  The hedge around the steps has 2' of snow on it.

Shot of the church across the as yet unplowed street - and I'm on a snow emergecy route. This shot is blurry because I'm shivering... and those sustained winds!!!

I hope you are happy Larry.

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**Larry challenged Cathy to provide photos as proof that we really had a blizzard - so I braved the night time weather to take the photos myself.   I live in South Minneapolis - total snowfall looks close to 20" - this part of the "cities" experienced blizzard conditions, if not a blizzard. 


  1. elisabeta9:28 PM

    Very funny, Terry. I shoveled for two hours, finishing at 5:30. An hour later my steps looked as if I hadn't hardly touched them. I don't want to know how much has accumulated around and behind my car since. As I plan on driving in to St. Paul tomorrow morning for Mass, please throw in a prayer for me and others on the road. Thanks.

  2. I will pray - hopefully the main roads and streets will be fine. I think I'm walking to Mass tomorrow. God bless you.

  3. As an Alaskan (for now?) I can say that 20" in that amount of time, in a major city is a TON of snow. What people dont realize is that in terms of driving, you need equipment and the ability to REMOVE/MOVE the snow.

    Where I come from we all drive things capable of getting through snow. Most cars lose something like 60% of their capabilities in terms of handling once there is more than 2-3" on the ground.

  4. I'm reminded of the blizzards we had in the DC area last year; good times! good times! Took me weeks to get my car uncovered from the snow!

  5. michael r.7:06 AM

    What, Caribou Barbie doesn't leave the house and do snow?

  6. Only a dusting to report from the Kansas prairie.

    However my boy was still excited about the depth - like a heavy frost and he's outside strugging to pull the sled as we speak. It's kinda like a razor burn across the yard. Pulling over nothing.

    He's gonna get good and tired. Yea!!

    I hope you and Cathy have lots of snacks 'cause it looks like your not going anywhere.

  7. Nice photoshop, Ter! LOL!

    Actually, I ought not to be laughing. We're slated to get 5-8" (I know! Oh, the suffering! - but actually that's significant in these parts because southeast Michigan rarely gets much of anything at one time) and then the winds come in tonight and tomorrow. I'll take photos to prove it to you.

    And I agree with michael - not nice of Sarah to make you do all that shoveling.

  8. I should place her outside to show how high the walls of snow the plows created got to be - I have to get out there to dig out - they have to be at least 5'.

    I love the snow however - I was outside yesterday for hours - I had to do 2 changes of clothes because I got so wet and ice covered.

  9. Belinda - how did you get my photo?

  10. Wait a minute....I thought you used photoshop the other that actually what I think it is?

  11. Carol - yep- she was part of a wine promo at the liquor store - I asked for it for Halloween but the promo wasn't over until a few weeks ago. I guess it was the most sought after prop they ever had.

  12. In Utah we had our blizzard about 3 weeks it is unseasonably warm....I actually was able to put up Christmas lights today!! No snow on the ground around here..

    We are supposed to get another storm on Wednesday...all ski rsorts are up and running!!

    That is the absolute JOY of an HOA...we have snow fairies that remove the snow :) I just have to scoop a bit around my front door ;)

    Saw on the TV that for roof of the football stadium fell in?? Bummer..


  13. Austringer9:07 PM


    That's a church in that last photo? It looks so small, I would have guessed a restroom facility at a city park...

    Whatever denomination it is, it can't have many members in its flock. Sunday morning might look like that scene in "Plan 9", where an improbable number of people exit a cardboard crypt.

    We got 20+ inches here by lovely snow-kissed Lake Pepin. Beautiful!


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