Sunday, December 05, 2010

Coffee and donuts talk: Berto and Buni Cutie

Former Catholic Miami Sound Machine Priest Alberto Cutie and wife Buni had their first child, a baby girl named Camila Victoria.

So here's the deal...  oh, who cares.


  1. Well if you don't care, why did you post this? Cutie is an Episcopal priest now and can have all the kids he wants.

  2. Maybe little Camila Victoria can grow up like his father's footstep, to be a priestess.

  3. matthias8:44 AM

    "When a priest lives together with a woman,
    one must examine whether a real will to marry is present and whether they could build a good marriage. If that is the case, they must follow that path. If it is a question of a failure of moral will, but no real interior union is there,
    one must try to find paths of healing for him and for her. In any case care should be taken that justice is done for the children—they are the primary good—and that they obtain the living and educational surroundings they
    The fundamental problem is honesty. The second problem is respect for the truth of the two individuals and of the children, so as to find the right solution."

    Pope Benedict Light of the World - p. 39

    Tragic that Cutie left the Church. But if the Pope doesn't need to get all up in these guys faces and condemn them to the outer reaches for doing a normal heterosexual thing then I guess I don't need to either.

  4. She lured a priest away from the church, I don't know how she can live with herself.

    Nobody seems to have any self control. Once Father became interested in her, she should have ran and especailly if she loves him - for the sake of his soul.

    Disobedience is never about one issue, I bet there's a whole bunch of misguided thought going on in those people.

  5. belinda, Mr. Cutie-pie should've asked for a posting to siberia or alaska or something to remove himself from temptation.

    Mrs. Cutie-pie should watch it; cheaters never change. She may not realize it, but he cheated on the church and was not forthcoming to his Bishop; why would he be different with her?

  6. I agree Nan, I would never trust him.

    I would bet that they use birth control and are for gay marriages, etc.. - No self denial or suffering in that relationship. I'm not trying to speak for them but I'm speaking about a way of thought, which is that once you embrace one errant idea the rest seem to follow - like dominos.
    Errant- defined
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: wrong; deviant
    Synonyms: aberrant, deviating, devious, drifting, errable, erratic, erring, fallible, heretic, meandering, misbehaving, mischievous, miscreant, naughty, off straight and narrow, offending, rambling, ranging, roaming, roving, shifting, sinning, stray, straying, unorthodox, unreliable, wandering, wayward

  7. Well, they just had a kid, so maybe not so much on the birth control but I agree with the rest.

  8. Yeah, your right, but all of us moms know that it's after the labor and delivery when the Dr's have the "talk" with us and push the birth control like candy.

    And it's the Catholic nurses who are the meanest when we are not compliant.

  9. Nan and Belinda, you're right, there would certainly be trust issues with people who don't keep their promises.
    I think Camila Victoria is such a pretty name; I wish her all the best, even though I don't approve of her parents' actions.

  10. Maybe it's better to not speculate on other sins and attitudes they have, which we simply can;t know unless they tell us?

    I mean, yeah, Episcopalean and all, but no need to speculate deeper.

    That's what I think at least. I agree with Matthias for the most part.

  11. Well seeing as they were having an affair and child is not surprising. I wouldn't rest easy Mrs. Cutie. Episcopalians can get divorced, remarried and the congredation won't bat an eye.


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