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Thursday, December 09, 2010

The photo of the Prince and Camilla: A 1960's revolutionaries' dream come true...

Revolutions close call:  "Off with their heads."

Students attack Prince Charles' car after a controversial hike in university fees triggered Britain's worst political violence in years.

How very dare you.


  1. Students gone wild.

    Thus we witness the actions of spoiled children who lose some of their precious 'entitlements'. Imagine what would happen if they were really expected to make sacrifices.

  2. $14,000 for a university education? poor babies.

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Absolutely disgusting - totally w/out class -- urinating on a statue of Sir Winston Churchill, setting fires in Parliament Square, fighting in front of Westminster Abbey, and attacking the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall! And the British have always been presented as models of civility -- but not the younger generation. Yobs, the lot of them ...


    I supported the student protest on the morning before the vote in the House of Commons by speaking on BBC Radio London 94.9. I said that my son Michael is the Graduate Adviser at St Mary's University College Twickenham, which you may recall featured as the educational focus during Pope Benedict's visit to London. Not all of the protesters were like the Red/Black Club anarchists who attacked the Royal couple.

    Paul Ross the host of the London breakfast show described my contribution as passionate

    All of the MP's who narrowly voted the measures through were fortunate enough to benefit from a grant system, and they left university free to develop whatever career paths they wished to chose. The British people will not accept the financial enslavement of future generations. Education is a right, it is not the domain of those people who are wealthy enough to afford it.

    This morning I handed a copy of the photo of Charles & Camilla to Teresa Pearce MP for Erith & Thamesmead. Teresa was still in a state of shock after last Thursday's events, and she fears that things will get even worse.

    The UK ConDem Nation government is introducing FASCIST policies that are not acceptable here in London or in Europe. "UNDER ATTACK WE FIGHT BACK". It truly feels as if we are fighting for our Christian Socialist lives from bottom to top here in the UK.

    I hope to attend 'The Secret Agent in the Apocalyptic Realm symposium' on Saturday January 8th at The Stephen Lawrence Gallery. This event is being held in association with the current exhibition: "Fireside Tales and Poolside Memoirs".

  5. i like camilla's outfit, by the way.

  6. @ doughboy

    How can you focus on Camilla's outfit when her obvious terror is there for the whole world to see?

    The Duchess of Cornwall, and HRH The Prince of Wales both do excellent charity work with the poorest of the poor here in London i.e www.deptfordreach.org.uk

    If you have any $pare dough I know an OLD BAG FROM DEPTFORD who knows how, and where to spend it.

    Our Lady of Walsingham pray for us!

    PAPA RATZI ( http://www.thepapalvisit.org ) ORA PRO NOBIS!


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