Saturday, July 10, 2010

Virgin of the Apocalypse

Catholic militancy is in the first place about the interior life and that our real adversaries are not men who are “enemies of the Church,” but principalities and powers. This can also be taken a step further. Even in the external order where Catholic Action comes into play, the greatest opposition will come from the dark powers, whether through temptation or something more extraordinary like oppression and obsession. - Fr. Angelo Mary: Know Thy Enemy
Blood of Christ, Victor over demons, save us.

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  1. Fr. Angelo Mary: Amen.
    You go, dude!
    I can't count the attacks of the "enemy" upon us and those who come for direction/confession.
    The Devil is like a prowling lion, ready to devour...don't be afraid...go to confession,...receive our Lord in holy Communion (in the state of grace)...recite the Holy Rosary...wear Our Lady of Mt. Carmel's Scapular in Consecration to Her...You have no need to fear the Evil One...he is put "at bay" by the Prayers of the Church; the Holiness of Her Sacramentals; the Power of Her Sacraments!


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