Sunday, July 04, 2010

Battle Ax of the Republic

Or maybe Janet fits that job description better...

Top photo credit:  Vincenzo


  1. Hey Terry---

    Nice "About me" photo...
    (excuse me while I wipe the drool..)

    Keep posting beefcake like that and you'll give the Crescat a run for her money :)


  2. Thanks Belinda!
    I forgot about that one.
    Hope you had a great holiday.

  3. Vince, it was a great holiday. The fireworks were rained out and I came home early and ate some icecream with crackle on top. Diet day resumes tomorrow and then the gym... I should work harder on my personality and intellect - no gym for that though. hahaha

    Did you have a nice fourth Vince?
    Mr.Terry, am I allowed to comment on that 64 year old blog you've got going on or would you rather me not?
    I stay away from up your street due to um.... I can't think of a good excuse...oh, I know you told me to go away but then that other blog is private and yet that other one is by invitation only. So, um.. I'm not sure what I should do. What would you prefer?

  4. Belinda - I never told you to go away did I? I must have been drunk. The 64 blog comments are closed - and I forget to hide the app for them when I post. It's my secret blog - ha-hah - but I haven't published so much on it. You can send me email comments if you like - please don't tell me not to remember stuff though - I'm sorting through a lot of things now before my memory goes. LOL!

    Vincenzo's photo shop of Michelle is priceless and never fails to crack me up - he's a genius for making the comparison.

  5. I promise not to tell you how to live your life or how to pick at your memories.(scabs) I may wanna comment if that's okay? Can I still get mad at you or yell at you for fun? hahaha

    Just don't pick at yourself till you bleed, please- it's gut wrenching to observe. Even so, you gotta be true to yourself and write for yourself -not for us.

    I'm sure you'll trigger one of my stupid memories. So if I lapse into insanity you'll understand now wont you?

    I'm trying not to pester you so much anymore. It's embarrassing. I like you other blog because it's real. I get tired of fake christians- christians in denial or phoney people in general.

    You've forgotten that you asked me not to go "up your street" and so I haven't.

    Now about Vincenzo our photoshop ninja master...
    I honestly don't understand why he couldn't summit a portfolio or an official art web site of his work to the University of S.Cal. or Cal arts and apply to get a master degree in film, photoshop, or animation because he shows a real talent for it and those are hot jobs right now. It's about creativity and how to work the programs and I know he could do both. I think Elizabeth got accepted because someone somewhere thought they could make a buck off of her. It's all about money and with Vince the higher ups would see dollar signs all over his work.(The higher ups are glorified pimps) I think Vince could go far but he's put himself into a box for some reason and I can't figure out why he doesn't get out of it.

    Let me help you with that box!

    Do it!! The worse thing that would happen is that they might tell you no but so what, a "no" never killed anyone.

  6. Belinda - I opened comments - fire away! LOL!

  7. How many heads are in those purses!? I'm just sayin'...


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