Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Comments Gagged!

This is horrible!
Comments are not publishing on Blogger!
My Comment Notification isn't even functioning!

This was the day I was going to post my poll asking: 

"What kind of shoes should one wear with a cappa magna when it is so hot in NYC?"

o Red Damask
o Red leatherette
o Strappy red sandals

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  1. None-go barefoot like the apostles did! Keep it real.

    Signed: Hates wearing shoes in St. Paul

  2. I couldn't post on my blog for three days last week! No one noticed though. hahahaha

    The whole blog thing has been screweeeey. Obama must be tickeling the master switch. hahahaha oh, wait that's not funny.

  3. Maria7:10 PM

    Terry-You are too funny. It is NEVER too hot for those red ferragamoes--any style !

  4. Is cappa magna Latin for "big hat"? Are your shoes supposed to match your hat?

    Hopefully Blogger will eat this comment...

  5. Happy Birthday to Frida Kahlo!!

    (Yes--after my Art Appreciation class I actually KNOW who she is.. :)

    And if it was ME I'd wear the red strappy sandals :) Feel like a million bucks :)

    We're still a bit chilly here in Utah--low-mid 80's...


  6. +JMJ+

    Wordpress users everywhere are pointing and laughing. =(


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