Thursday, July 08, 2010

More On American Cultural Imperialism...

Why is Hilary pushing gay rights on Africa?

I came across this article on Western Confucian - it's an appropriate segue from my earlier Biden post.  The original  Western Confucian post linked to the following:

Hillary Clinton recently told “LGBT members of the State Department family” that gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay and that her first concern for Africa is how LGBT persons are treated on the continent. “Our regional bureaus are working closely with our embassies on this issue. The Bureau of African Affairs has taken the lead by asking every embassy in Africa to report on the conditions of local LGBT communities. And I’m asking every regional bureau to make this issue a priority. ”
US Vice-President Joe Biden’s recent trip to Nairobi seemed part of an effort to impose Uncle Sam’s values on Kenyans. It was a typical operation: arrogant and extreme security measures, chaotic traffic jams, and the token visit to a Kibera slum. He went, at huge expense to the US taxpayer, to boost the proposed Kenyan Constitution, and promise that “once it’s approved” his boss will make his first official visit to Kenya.
The proposed Constitution leaves the way clear to sign the right to abortion – and later on, gay and lesbian rights -- into the new document without passing through Parliament. From an African point of view this seems to be one of the top priorities of the Obama/Biden/Clinton triumvirate. - Mercatornet
But they hang homosexuals.
Yep.  I know that.  It happens in Iran, and African countries such as Uganda want to criminalize and re institute capital punishment for homosexuality.  African and Islamic justice may call for the death penalty for homosexuals - and I'm not saying that is right or just, neither do I condone that.  Let the Administration work to reverse that type of sentence, but stay out of the religious and cultural affairs of other nations.  Or else don't be surprised when the other terrorist shoe drops.

If the truth about all this were to get out, the embers of anti-Americanism, which have been smouldering since the invasion of Iraq, might burst into flame. Africans are ambivalent about the US. “Let us in to share your wealth, expertise, high standards and your experiment with democracy,” Africans say. “Your hand-outs are welcome too, provided they reach the people they’re intended for, and provided that there are no strings attached. But leave us to run our own affairs, and do not interfere with our culture, our values and traditions. We may not have got our act together politically and economically, but we know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. So leave us alone!” -Ibid


  1. Just a different type of slavery.

    Apparently US slavery isn't dead. But rather than transport the slaves over here, our Imperialist Leaders must figure it'd be cheaper to keep 'em right where they're at.

  2. And here I was imagining food and drinkable water as the number one priority for Africa. Silly me, who needs water when you can have gay rights? I am glad Hilary has Africa's best interest at hand!

  3. What if they were killing Christians? Would intervening then be "slavery?" I beg for consistency.

  4. Check out this story:
    It's a tough line to finesse; what is minding one's own business, and what is silence in the face of atrocity? I think we have to pick our battles. Yes, respect the rights of others to say that certain behaviors aren't acceptable. But not to the point of saying it's okay to kill someone who doesn't conform. The quote says "...leave us to run our own affairs, and do not interfere with our culture, our values and traditions." I think however as Christians we are obligated to speak for life; whether it is that of an unborn baby, a gay person, or a woman accused of adultery.

  5. Sadly they are killing Christians in India, Pakistan, Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, and China.

  6. completely unrelated...

    why do I feel like I am tripping balls reading blogs?

  7. Kat - I don't get it.

  8. The atrocities of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the unspeakable violence in Darfur, and the genocide in Bosnia, just to mention a few, is why we should not just "...leave us to run our own affairs, and do not interfere with our culture, our values and traditions."

    We can respect culture, values, and traditions, as long as said cultures respect the dignity of the human being. Violations of basic human rights should be key discussion topics among diplomats.

    And we all agree that Iran, the Taliban, and numerous other groups should not be permitted in any way, shape or form to obtain a nuclear weapon....

    So we--we WILL intrude on your archaic values, traditions, and cultures, for the good of the Western world and modern civilization in general...


  9. "...but stay out of the religious and cultural affairs of other nations."

    but where do you think this "mandate" to execute homosexualslt (and for that matter-honor killings of women for crimes that"shame" their families comes from...?

    Maybe we can dazzle then with the concept of Natural Law?!...or

    Maybe we should declare war and try to set up a democratic type government with a bill of rights for minorities...just junk the whole thing and add them to our list of "nations" that need building...


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